Where You Should Travel Based On Your Star Sign

Updated 24 October 2023 | by Nakita Mason

It's pretty common knowledge by now that your star sign can provide a lot of information about you, from your spending habits to your attachment style, the date of your birth often paints a pretty convincing picture of who you are and it's no different when it comes to travelling.

Take a look and see what kind of traveller your zodiac sign makes you.

Aries - March 21 to April 19


star sign Aries

As reflected by the Ram, Aries people are typically very strong-willed and even a little impatient. They’re also known to be good fun, highly ambitious and not the type to sit around and wait for things to happen.

Relaxing on a beach isn’t going to cut it for this sign, to really travel in a way that’s compatible with their nature, an Aries will choose to go off the beaten path, there’s no room for sunning themselves on a Spanish beach or kicking it back in Florida, an Aries needs adventure!

Key locations

Thailand: Phuket holds a special allure for an Aries, calling to their sense of adventure and seeking out authentic experiences. For the same reason, the wilds of New Zealand and Australia are also two huge locations for the ever-curious Aries.

South America: Peru is an ideal location for this sign, with its glorious rainforests and the much-loved Incan Trail, it holds all the mystery and opportunity for exploration the Ram sign could want.

Taurus - April 20 - May 20

star sign Taurus


Known for strength and sometimes even stubbornness, a Taurus is a highly practical and efficient sort of fellow. Known to be very warm and giving, they’re also appreciative of order and structure. Because of this, they aren’t the type to relish a last minute, unplanned hike nor a holiday to the great unknowns. A well planned and much-loved travelling hotspot is much more their style.

Key locations

Spain: Especially Lanzarote, with its warm beaches, wonderful resorts and easygoing vibe, Lanzarote provides a Taurus with a wonderful place to travel without too much room for surprises that might otherwise throw a spanner in their plans.

USA: Florida is another favourite of the Bull star sign. It has clear-cut activities that are easy and structured (and fun!) while also providing them with the warm weather that people born under this sign tend to love.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

Star sign Gemini

This sign isn't illustrated as the Twins for nothing! Unpredictable and with a noticeable duality in their nature, Geminis are the zodiac’s hot and cold sign. What pleases them one day, may bore them the next and this is what makes them so interesting when it comes to travelling. Anywhere that’s considered a one-trick-pony will be no good for a Gemini, instead, they need a location that provides a huge amount of excitement and choice.

Key Locations

USA: Florida is a great one for the hard to please Gemini, from theme parks to ghost tours to shopping and water sports, no matter what their next want is you’re guaranteed to be able to keep them occupied.

Morocco: In particular, Marrakesh. With its famous souks, beautiful gardens and activities like quad biking and hiking, Morocco is exotic and entertaining enough to appeal to even the most tricky Gemini.

Cancer - June 21 - July 22

star sign cancer

The Crab sign is well-known for being a home-bird, happy in its nest and relishing the traditional. Sometimes glum, but always curious (especially in historical events) people born under this sign are immensely loyal. They also, much like the crab, like to go into their shell and recharge on their own terms, all of which makes them tricky customers in the travelling sense. Not one to wander too far from their base and likely to experience homesickness, a holiday for the Cancer sign is all about home from home and authenticity.

Key locations

UK: Especially the Lake District and Cornwall as these appeal to their love of home from home and creature comforts.

Turkey: Istanbul is excellent for the historically curious Cancer, giving them plenty of opportunities to visit ancient palaces, mansions, and cultural sites and not giving them time to start missing their own bed!

Leo - July 23 -August 22

Star sign Leo

As powerful as their namesakes and renowned for being natural leaders, keeping a Leo happy when travelling is best done by giving them absolute freedom! They are very bold in all they do, happy to make their opinions known and very loving when you get to know them. They also have a playful and adventurous side that’s best shown through their travelling choices, which commonly are to destinations that center around great activities, whether that be swimming with dolphins or going on long hikes.

Key Locations

Croatia: Split is a location that you’ll often find a Leo in, providing them with the hustle and bustle their playful natures often long for, whilst elsewhere in the Makarska Riviera they can sate their need for exploration.

USA: Miami is a great location of the Lion sign, a place of nonstop parties and entertainment, including many physically active pastimes that a Leo typically enjoys.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

star sign Virgo

A clever bunch, people born under the Virgo sign are personable and intuitive, someone you’re happy telling your secrets to in an alarmingly short amount of time. They’re very analytical, inquisitive and are usually excellent in social situations. It’s these things that make a Virgo seek authentic experiences when travelling, getting under the skin of local people and understanding how the world works elsewhere.

Key Locations

Turkey: Particularly the Bodrum Peninsula. Being social butterflies, a Virgo really enjoys the hustle and bustle this part of Turkey provides and even more so because they can peel off to lesser-known locations later and get a taste of traditional Turkey too.

India: Particularly areas such as Varanasi where you get an unbridled sense of what the real India is. Not one for being hand-held, a Virgo will seek authentic travelling experiences like this all the world over. 

Libra - September 23 - October 22

star sign Libra

Possibly the most honourable sign in the entire zodiac. Libras are known to be calm, well-balanced and above all, fair. They’re drawn to calm atmospheres and beautiful settings, and this is shown again and again in their travelling locations. Put a Libra in a location full of natural beauty and almost religious-like serenity and you’ll have a happy traveller on your hands.

Key Locations

Thailand: With an innate sense of mystery and the calm serenity a Libra longs for, Thailand is a great pick for the Scale sign. Krabi in particular, renowned for its beauty, is perfect if you’re looking to give a Libra their dream holiday.

UK: The Lake District is especially loved by Libras, allowing them a beautiful backdrop to bask in and warm locals to help keep them happy and calm.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

star sign Scorpio

There’s no fury like a Scorpio scorned so they say! Incredibly loving and phenomenally bold, Scorpios are wonderfully giving and highly determined in achieving their goals. They’re also, at heart, romantics, and travelling for them is all about locations with a natural warmth and magic to them.

Key Locations

Italy: A Scorpio loves Italy for its inherent romance, especially that found in Florence and Venice. From the pretty streets and waterways to the cultural delights and good food, Italy is a key destination for those born under the Scorpion sign.

Portugal: Porto, much like areas of Italy, appeals to the Scorpio because of its natural romance. From the gorgeous Douro River to the many pretty cafes and restaurants, Porto provides them with all the magic and romance they could ask for.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21

star sign Sagittarius

Just like their symbol, this sign is a thinker, philosophical, and rarely does anything by half. For an ever-pondering Sagittarius, life is for living and understanding, which is why their travels tend to be about seeking knowledge and learning. They can sometimes drive themselves to exhaustion, so if you’re travelling with one be sure to keep a rein on them!

Key Locations

Portugal: Lisbon has a strong appeal for the Centaur sign, combining lots of wonderful historical attractions like museums and ruins to keep them occupied, whilst also providing them with an attractive backdrop to sit and muse in. 

Greece: Greece appeals to the Sagittarius because of all its rich history, but Mykonos holds a particular place in their hearts, with pretty beaches to sit and relax on but also art galleries and museums to keep their minds turning.

Capricorn - December 22 - January 19

star sign Capricorn

Renowned as being incredibly bright, the goat sign is held aloft as being extremely organised and practical. With an immense level of patience and not one to be easily rattled, they’re often remarked upon as the sign you want around in a crisis. In terms of travelling, they tend to be drawn to locations known for their harsher winters, perhaps as a direct link to the month of their birth.

Key locations

Denmark: Copenhagen, in particular, tends to draw Capricorns, appealing to their love of festivities with its well-known Christmas markets.

New York: Cold and full of culture, New York provides the Capricorn with enough points of interest to keep their bright natures occupied.

Europe: Austria is a favourite, especially for skiing, something Capricorns tend to enjoy and base their travels around (With the Rhône-Alpes in France being another location for the same reason).

Aquarius- January 20 - February 18

star sign Aquarius

With the potential of being lazy, Aquarians are most notable for being unorthodox in their methods and philosophical in their thinking. Creative and curious, the travelling Aquarian seeks natural wonders and historical oddities to keep them interested. While a few days on the beach with a book will hold them for a while, eventually you’ll have to take them exploring.

Key Locations

Greece: Kefalonia and Skiathos are two particular locations that draw this sign, giving them plenty of beaches to lounge and read on, but also many natural wonders to see including water caves and sea turtles. They also tend to appreciate seafood and Greece offers them plenty of opportunities for fresh fish in beautiful waterfront restaurants.

UK: Most notably London, being somewhat restless, Aquarians tend to always be looking for their next source of entertainment, and a hub of culture like London provides more of that than they know what to do with. It’s for this reason they also appreciate New York.

Pisces - February 19- March 20

star sign Pisces

Possibly the most unassuming of the star signs, people born beneath the fish sign are quiet, clever and highly trustworthy. Sometimes a little unadventurous, but always gentle and kind, the best travels for a Pisces are the ones where they can spend quality time with friends and family. They have no need of flash entertainment or endless activities as they appreciate the quieter moments where they can bond. They’re also, typically, water-babies and enjoy any sea or lake-based venture.

Key Locations

Spain: Especially Costa Blanca and The Canary Islands. These warm and calm locations with beautiful beaches provide a Pisces with the perfect backdrop to relax and appreciate their nearest and dearest.

USA: Especially Miami for all the water-based sports on offer.

France: Specifically, more rural locations like Normandy, where quiet holidays reading and walking can be enjoyed as a family.