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Never has it been so easy to take a break from life at home and travel to those exotic destinations we’ve all dreamt of from a young age. We all look forward to those all-important breaks we all need throughout the year, to sit back and unwind. But choosing where to go, in your budget can be a nightmare. That’s why we’ve launched the new Clickstay digital magazine brimming with interviews, informative articles, awe-inspiring photography and even a discount or two. This month we take a look at Spain and why we think, you and your family will fall head over heels for its Mediterranean charm. Just download the magazine to find out more.

The Top 10 Tapas Dishes You Have To Try In Spain

An essential ingredient to Spain's world famous culinary culture, tapas is a must try when visiting the illustrious country. Spain's larger cities are packed with vibrant bars and restaurants, and whilst the popular cuisine wont be hard to come by, deciding what to choose may prove difficult! Don't be surprised if you find yourself captivated by the many dishes being whizzed around you, filling the air with rich and enticing aromas. Here are our top 9 tapas dishes you simply MUST try when visiting Spain...

Street art of Barcelona

Barcelona, the home of Gaudi architecture,  Serra de Collserola mountain range, Sagrada Família and Park Güell. But there’s one element of Barcelona that will both shock and amaze you; the street art. As you wander around you'll find brightly coloured masterpieces derived from quirky artists with a unique style. It’s everywhere, sprawled on the sides of buildings and on the front of shops and over the years the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia has become the unofficial central hub of street art and artists. Brenda Lettison from Travel Antics tells us everything you need to know about urban art in Barcelona.

Falling for Válor: One woman left everything behind for the quiet life in Spain

Many of us have returned from an unforgettable escape to exotic lands and fallen head over heels for the place we’ve returned from. We spend all day dreaming of the next time we will find ourselves there, in fact those memories keep us warm through those long winter months. But Spanish property owner Ginny, decided to make her dream destination her home. After she fell in love with the sleepy Municipality of Válor in Spain.

Savvy Spain: Save up to 35% from these Spanish villas

Let's face facts we all love a discount, particularly on holidays. There's no greater feeling than jetting off to a week or two in the sizzling sunshine with more money in your pocket, than you originally intended. That's why these four spectacular, Spanish properties now have up to 35% off during the months of September and October. Just think what you could do with those extra pennies, maybe try some scuba diving, as many ice creams as you could want, or just save it for another holiday.