Quiz: How well do you know the sunshine state?

Florida; the sunshine state, home to over 20 million people and it’s rising by 1000 new residents every day. It’s also the place millions flock to every year, nearly 113 million in 2016 alone. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most popular states in the whole of Florida. But, the big question is; are you one of the people who have fallen head over heels for the south-eastern state? If you’re eagerly nodding in answer to this question then you’ve probably visited every theme park in Orlando and dined in every worthwhile restaurant in Miami, but do you know where to find crocodiles and alligators coexisting in the wild? Or do you know what year Disney World opened? Well take this tricky Florida test and find out how well you know Florida.

12 Reasons Why Cornwall is This Summer’s Hottest UK Destination

Have you booked a holiday this summer? Have you left it too late and the flights are silly expensive? Look no further. With it’s beautiful sandy beaches, unique culture and plethora of places to visit, Cornwall is undoubtedly this year’s hottest UK holiday destination. Here’s 12 reasons why you should consider a 'staycation' this August...

Dreaming of travel? It's all genetic

Wanderlust; it’s a term found on the glossy pages of travel magazines and heard amongst friends at the pub. It’s a word that defines the deep love we all share for exploring the world. But have you ever wondered why some always seem to be planning their next big adventure, while others prefer home comforts and familiar surroundings? Apparently, it’s all down to science. Researchers have found the desire to travel linked with a certain gene nicknamed the “wanderlust gene,” but known amongst Geneticists as DRD4-7R. The gene is a dopamine receptor, which means it helps to control the amount of dopamine that floods our brain, the chemical that makes out heart skip a beat and lifts our mood when you fall in love, eat some chocolate, exercise, or jet off on holiday. But, DRD4-7R is slightly different as this dopamine receptor increases people’s desire to take risks.

Clickstay on tour: A summer break to Crete

Greece is home to a variety of islands and various administrative regions; including The Cyclades, The Aegean Islands and many more, each one has its own customs and traditions. But Crete has so much individuality you’d be forgiven for believing it was a country in its own right. Crete is the largest Greek island and the most populated. It brags of a highly varied landscape, with white-sandy beaches, that look as if they have been lifted from a postcard, snow-tipped mountains peeking out in the distance and it’s peppered with bewitching villages. Crete was once home to one of the oldest advanced societies in Europe, 4000 years ago the Minoans lived there and you can still find remnants of their existence, including the famous palace of Knossos. Partnerships Associate Holly travelled to Crete’s sunny coastline and these are a few things she found when exploring the Greek island…

A New Life for The Azure Window

A few months ago, people mourned the loss of the famous Maltese landmark; The Azure Window, after it collapsed one night because of a heavy storm. The devastating news hit headlines across the world in March. But the saying every cloud has a silver lining has never been more accurate, as divers are heading to Gozo, to scuba dive amongst the wreckage of the famous landmark.