Most 'instagrammable' beaches in the Canary Islands revealed!

Updated 6 July 2020 | by Will Bradley

Taking the perfect instagram beach snap has become an essential part of any good holiday abroad. And there are few destinations which are better suited to this than the Canary Islands, which boasts hundreds of beautiful beaches across the various islands. 

With lockdown restrictions lifting, Brits will once again be able to step out onto its golden shores and start uploading jealousy-inducing beach pics to their instagram accounts. 

The question is, with so many beaches, which one should you choose for maximum impact? To help answer this, analysed the instagram hashtags of over four hundred beaches across the archipelego to find which is the most 'instagrammable'. The results are in... 



Which Canary island has the most instagrammable beaches? 


In terms of which island is best for instagram beach pics, Tenerife is your best bet, with a whopping 475,784 hashtags across 136 different beaches. Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are close behind, with 335,420 and 220,947 respectively. These three islands are undoubtedly the most instgrammable, boasting loads of blockbuster beaches, like Playa del Ingles, Playa de los Gigantes, and Fámaras.

However, by no means should you ignore the smaller islands: Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Palma and El Hierro. While the hashtag volumes are lower here, the beaches are less well-trodden, so offer potential for a more original post.


Top 10 Most instagrammable beaches in the Canary Islands



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Top 10 Beaches in Gran Canaria


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Top 10 Beaches in Lanzarote


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Top 10 Beaches in Fuerteventura


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Top 10 Beaches in La Gomera


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Top 10 Beaches in El Hierro


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