It’s a good question and one being frequently asked now that Monzo (and apps like it) are becoming ever more popular and widely used. The short answer and rule of thumb is this; if it’s a country that accepts Mastercard, then it’s a country that will also accept Monzo. 

To better help though we've listed details for some of the most searched for locations to help you get sorted for your travels. Remember, it's always wise to take a back up card with you and it's also strongly advised to always have some cash with you too, just to be safe. 

Monzo is great for use abroad as it doesn't add fees to the exchange rate and you also don't need to notify them in advance. You can also take out up to £200 every 30 days for free, or it's a 3% charge on withdrawals after that. However, not all locations support contactless payments or withdrawals via Monzo, so once again, your best bet is to check out the Monzo site for detailed advice. 

Lastly, while Monzo may not charge you conversion charges, that's not to say the ATMs won't! Take care where you withdraw money from and check the best ways to save money before you travel. 

For in-depth information, check out the Monzo travel forum.

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Can I Use My Monzo Card Here?

   Additional Notes


Can I use Monzo in Austria?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Boznia?YesBosnia can be very cash-based so bear that in mind!
Can I use Monzo in Bulgaria?NoMonzo isn't accepted at Unicredit Bulbank (Bulgarian United Bank) or Raiffeisen Banks.
Can I use Mono In Cyprus?  
Can I use Monzo in Croatia?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Czech Republic?  
Can I use Monzo in France? Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Germany?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Greece?YesLots of places only accept cash however, so it's always best to carry some.
Can I use Monzo in Hungary?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Ireland?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Israel?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Italy?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Poland?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Portugal?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Romania?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Russia?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Serbia?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Slovenia?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Spain?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Sweden?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Switzerland?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in The Netherlands?MixedVisit the Monzo site for details
Can I use Monzo in Turkey?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Ukraine?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in United Kingdom ?Yes 

Latin America/ Caribbean

Can I use Monzo in Arentina?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Brazil?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Chile?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Columbia?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Costa Rica?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Ecuador?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Guatemala?Yes 
Can I Use Monzo In Jamaica?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Mexico?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Miami?Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Panama? Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Peru? Yes 
Can I use Monzo in Venezuela?Yes 


USAMixedYes, but some big chains including Costco don't as of yet accept Monzo. 
Kansas City Yes 
New YorkYes 
Washington Yes 

Middle East & Africa 

Morocco Yes  
Nigeria Yes  
Qatar Yes  
Saudi ArabiaYes  
South AfricaYes  
United Arab Emirates Yes  



Australia Yes  
Bangladesh Yes  
Beijing Yes  
Hong KongYes  
Indonesia Yes  
Korea (south)Mixed Visit the Monzo site for details.
Korea (north)No 
Malaysia Yes  
New Zealand Yes  
Philippines Yes  
Singapore Yes  
Sri Lanka Yes  

Please note, all information was checked to the best of our ability at the time of writing. 

Notice an inaccuracy? Drop a comment below and we'll happily get it fixed!