Best Escape Rooms In Europe

Updated 22 March 2019 | by Nakita Mason

Escape rooms are becoming one of the biggest hobbies (dare I say it, sports?) in the world, with ever more creative and fantastical ones being created to keep up with the high demand. Combining theatre, problem solving, team work and story telling, they make for a sensational experience that is unlike any other activity.

No matter what kind of adventure you're after, there's something for everyone and we've started to list some of the very best escape rooms in Europe to help you narrow down your holiday plans! Enjoy!

Spain Escape Rooms

-Lockdown Escape Room-


One of the greatest escape room experiences in all of Spain, this Benidorm-based puzzle room has three distinct choices for you to try and fight your way out of!

  1. Cold War Room: The Cold War themed room will find you embroiled in a mystery set against the backdrop of the 1961 space race! With a CIA agent suddenly vanishing and an important document missing, you and your friends will find yourselves called upon to solve a riddle that will change the face of history.
  2. Zombies: If you’ve ever fancied yourself a clear survivor for the inevitable zombie-apocalypse, then this one’s for you. Benidorm is now overrun with the undead (not to be confused with the hungover) and it’s you and your team’s job to outrun the hangry hordes of walkers by solving puzzles, keeping your wits about you and staying one step ahead of the gnashing masses just outside…
  3. The Orphanage: There’s an abandoned orphanage in the middle of the woods. And strange tales of deals with the devil. So the question you have to ask yourself with this one is this: do you really want to know what happened to those children?

With prices starting from as little as €14 per person and group sizes from 2 to 6, the Lockdown Escape Room in Benidorm is fantastic for those of you who like to get your heart racing as well as use your head. Children are welcome though must be accompanied by an adult (and the Zombie room has a minimum age of 15) and games can be completed in either Spanish or English.

Try it…what’s the worst that can happen?

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-Escape Rooms Ibiza-


With four distinct flavours, Escape Rooms Ibiza is great fun for all! Whether scary or intriguing, it’s all here for you escape-room fans…

  1. Wonderland: You’d think being invited to a garden party in Wonderland would be ever so delightful, and yet Alice is gone, and the White Rabbit hasn’t been seen. But the Mad Hatter awaits you, grinning, and the Red Queen is close by, so if nothing else it’s a guarantee that heads will roll…
  2. Sherlock: The famed Sherlock Holmes is trying to take down Moriarty’s criminal organisation for the very last time, along with Watson and for some reason, you too. If you want to avoid Moriarty’s plans coming to fruition (and Sherlock's exasperation at you being such a dolt) then you need to find the clues in Sherlock’s apartment and solve the riddles…quickly now, the game’s afoot.
  3. Crazy Scientist: You wake up locked in a room with your team and realise with horror that the mad scientist has captured you for some dastardly experimentation. Solve the clues and escape the room…or find out just what those shiny instruments are for.
  4. Zombie Apocalypse: In Ibiza the dead shuffle along forever hungry (not to be confused with the walk of shame, which to be fair, is also a common sight). It’s your job to save the last shreds of humanity from becoming zombies and find the antidote. But be careful, you aren’t alone in there...

With team sizes ranging from 2 to 8, this is a great choice for those of you looking for something a little different. Prices range from €50 to €110 depending on group size and instructions can be given in either Spanish or English. Games are designed for children 12 years and over, but younger ones can be brought along if you wish. 

Portugal Escape Rooms

-Safarka Escape Room-


Claiming to be the only escape room in Portugal that uses professional actors, this deeply immersive escape room in Lisbon is all based around the mysterious lost city of Atlantis! Now finally discovered, scientists and explorers have started to discover treasure and gems, but there are other things in the lost city too, things that move…

  1. Research: The aim of this thrilling game is to break into Samuel’s apartment, a key character you’ll come to know well. You only have 60 minutes to get in and rescue the gems of Atlantis or else lose valuable proof of the lost city!
  2. The Library: This game revolves around Samuel’s father, who in the wake of his passing, has left some deeply intriguing mysteries behind. It’s time to find out what’s going on, but you only have an hour to do it in!

With teams from between 2 to 5 and prices ranging from €75 and an additional €15 per person for a group larger than 5, this is a great escape room to try if you’re in the area. Additionally, both rooms cater towards both English and Portuguese speakers and children are welcome providing they're with an adult.

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-Game Over Escape Rooms-


With locations in both Lisbon and Porto and over 300 excellent reviews on Trip adviser, this is one of the best escape rooms in Europe. There are some fantastic themes you can’t find anywhere else, many of which are based on popular culture. Here’s just a few you can your teeth into.

  1. Saw: It seems that someone wants to play a game. The kind of game that gives the phrase a ‘sore loser’ a whole new meaning. Waking up in the dark and surrounded by a psychopath’s ‘game’ you realise your only chance of survival is to play. And trust us, it's not the taking part that counts this time.
  2. Game Of Thrones: It’s finally happened. The White Walkers have made it over the wall and now the only thing to stop them has been hidden in Castle Black, an ancient parchment that might just be the last hope. Hurry…winter’s coming, and the night is dark and full of terrors.
  3. The Forbidden Temple Of Montezuma:  A professor of Archaeology at your university went missing a number of years ago, during an expedition to Mexico to discover the secrets of the Aztec civilization.  Your job is to find out what happened, and you quickly discover that your professor entered a world shrouded in mystery…so tread carefully, because some secrets are worth killing for.

With excellent gameplay, unique themes and some wonderful puzzles, you’re sure to have a fantastic time at Game Over Escape Rooms. There’s a huge amount of theatrics involved too so if you like your escape rooms to be fully immersive, this one’s for you! Group sizes range from 2 to 7, prices begin at €50 and games can be played in either English or Portuguese.

Greece Escape Rooms

-Great Escape Rooms-


One of the most adventurous escape rooms when it comes to themes, Great Escape Rooms in Athens has 11 excellent rooms for you to try and escape from. Here’s just a few of the best ones…

  1. The Circus: Welcome to the Circus…you expected many things when you entered but you’re going to get a lot more than you bargained for. Easily one of the most surreal experiences you can have in a puzzle room, the Circus will have you questioning everything.
  2. Release The Kraken: On the Caribbean coast old documents are found that seem to suggest a legendary sea creature does indeed lurk in the waters…there’s even a suggestion that it can be tamed and whoever owns the Kraken, rules the sea. Try out one of the trickiest (and most tentacle-laden) of the escape rooms and uncover the truth.
  3. The Perfect Crime: There’s no such thing as a perfect crime, that is until you’re called in to investigate a murder that’s got the local authorities baffled. How can there be no trace and what if they strike again? The only thing between the truth and getting away with the crime of the century is you.
  4. The Basement's Secret: In the Basement’s Secret room, you might realise a little too late that some nightmares don’t end upon waking. As you make your way through the dark, brushing past old children’s toys and leaving footprints in the dust behind you, you might find yourself asking; what games do children play in the dark?
  5. The Survivor: In the survivor game, you’ve found yourself stranded on an island after a quest for treasure goes wrong and a storm sends your air balloon crashing to the sea below. The island is beautiful, but you won’t be prepared for the secrets it holds…will you escape or will you be another lost relic on the shore?

With highly imaginative concepts this is one of the greatest escape room companies in Europe. With team sizes ranging from 2 to 7 players and the prices starting at €10 per person it's an affordable and fun option for you and some chums to try. It's available for people who only speak English and it's also recommended that children below the age of 11 might not get the benefits of the games so bear that in mind! 

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France Escape Rooms

-The Game-


This Paris-based company has a plethora of great escape rooms for you to try and we’ve handpicked a few here just to pique your interest…

  1. The Catacombs: There’s a fair few mysteries destined to remain forever in the catacombs, but your job is to uncover a particular one, an important testament feared to be lost. Of course, time is against you and some things stay buried…
  2. The Removal: It’s 1959 and Lisa, a wonderful dancer has been kidnapped and the ransom note demands something unusual…but where is this strange object and why does Lisa have it? Using all your investigatory skills and cunning, you will have to race against the clock to find the object and save Lisa before it’s too late.
  3. The Plane: There’s no safer way to travel than by air…so why are you suddenly feeling so very nervous? This thrilling game is not for the easily scared and will take all your bravery and intellect to escape…so with that in mind, please fasten your seatbelts and ensure your tray-tables are in the upright position. 

With a diverse range of games and children from 10 and up welcome, The Game in Paris has it all. Games can be played in teams between 3 , 4 or 5 and you can play either in French or English. Prices start at €25 per person and typically the more people you have the cheaper this gets.

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Croatia Escape Rooms

-Fox In A Box-


Welcome to the hugely popular Fox In A Box Escape Room in Zagreb! With consistent Certificates Of Excellence awarded year upon year from Trip Advisor and a whole host of happy customers through their doors, it’s clear there’s something to shout about. There are three main rooms each with an individual flavour and all will take teamwork, an eye for detail and a clear head!

  1. Bank Robbery: Ever wanted to be the bad guy? Well now you can. You’ve been tipped off about a diamond stash hidden in a central bank and all you have to do is get in and out in an hour. But there’s an alarm to deactivate and a whole heap of twists and turns to work through, so time to ask yourself, is this the start of your new high-flying life or a shortcut to jail?  
  2. Zombie Lab: The world, save from a small team in a Russian lab, have succumbed to the zombie virus. Luckily the Russian team seem hopeful of a cure, that is until all communications with them cease. That’s where you come in. What will you find in the strangely quiet lab and is there any hope for humanity at all?
  3. Prison Break: You’ve been sentenced for life and no one in their right mind would ever let you out. Happily a prison riot serves as the perfect backdrop for your escape. What are you waiting for? Freedom awaits, but hurry, eyes are everywhere and time’s running short.

Fox In A Box escape rooms are excellently executed and great for all the family. Prices are around the €60 mark for a group and teams can range from 2 to 6 players. Children are welcome but the minimum age of actively engaging is 14. Trust us, a trip to Croatia isn’t complete without a game here!

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Any recommendations? Let us know and we'll be sure to keep adding to the lis!