Owners and agents

Why advertise your property with us

Secure Online Payment

We use a super safe online payment process called Sagepay, so that you and your renters can rest easy knowing that money exchanges is secure. Owners can set their property’s currency so that renters pay in either £, € or $, and renters can pay with their credit or debit card, or via PayPal.

Value for Money

We are the only holiday rental company that has a teeny tiny activation fee of either £1, €1 or $1. Owners can create unlimited property adverts. It is a risk-free because you only pay for the bookings you receive, and all we ask for in return is a little commission.


There are plenty of options which make us suitable for both owners and agents. If you already have a website for your properties, we have a sister website called Rentalsystems which can power its booking and payment process. Clickstay finds you renters and markets your property, whilst Rentalsystems supports your independent rental business, so you can do the marketing bit yourself.

Easy Property Management

We provide you with property pages where you can add lots of enticing photos and gush about your beautiful property. You can also set an interactive calendar, cancellation terms, minimum stays, and more - so that things are done your way. We provide automated emails, including payment reminders. We work as the middle men, giving you and your renters advice and support with bookings.

We will advertise your property to four million people a year on Clickstay and create a separate Rentalsytems property page for you to process your own bookings (outside of Clickstay).


We are an easy-to-use system for owners with one or a few holiday properties. We offer flexibility with other listing sites, so you can use these alongside ours to get as many bookings as possible.

You can manage your own bookings via your own website, whilst we power its calendar, booking and payment process, or we can find you renters to book through our advertising site Clickstay.com.


The Rentalsystems fee is per account not per property, so this is great news for property agents who may have hundreds of villas to advertise with us.

You can upload as many properties as you like, and we will create a search page and a booking process for your own website.

What does it cost?

  • There is a one-off start-up fee of £1, $1 or €1 and from then on you can upload unlimited property adverts.
  • We charge 10% commission when a renter booking is made via the Clickstay website.
  • For bookings made via an owner’s website which is powered by Rentalsystems we charge
    • 2% commission for on-request bookings
    • 0% commission for instant bookings