Cookies and Privacy Policy


Your personal information is important to us and this document outlines what information we store and how we use it. Our goal is to be open about what and how we use your personal information. Please note that we do not use your personal information unless you provide it to us. When you give us your information we will use it to deliver our service: helping you find and book a holiday rental.

We will not pass on your information to third parties without your consent unless we need to deliver our service. For instance we will need to pass on certain details to:

  • Property owners and agents when you make an enquiry or a booking.
  • Our third-party email service provider so they can send you the relevant emails as part of our service.

We will only pass on the minimum information required to deliver our service.

We will also use your information to send you emails about our properties so we can deliver our service as effectively as possible; this will include newsletter and other marketing emails. However you will have the ability to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

We will also use cookies and other tracking technologies, such as web beacons, to customise and deliver our services, track the content you look at and manage our advertisements on third party sites. We use cookies in the same way as most other websites for instance to:

  • Deliver our core functionality such as allowing you to login and remembering your search preferences.
  • Track site usage patterns with analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Allow us to use third parties to promote our service. For example we use Google and Facebook tracking technologies so we can display tailored adverts in your Facebook feed, Google’s own websites and websites in the Google display network.

For more information please read our “Cookies and other tracking technologies” section.

Your personal data

To be able to process bookings we need to collect certain personal details from you. These details will include, where applicable:

  1. In the case of a Renter: the names of the Renter and members of the Renter’s Party, their ages, at least the Renter’s contact details (including email address), at least the Renter’s credit/debit card details which we do not store; and
  2. In the case of an Owner: the Owner’s name, contact details (including email address), bank account details, details of the Property

If we need further personal data we will ask for them.

We use the contact details to communicate with the Owner and Renter.

If you make an order or purchase goods or services through our website, we may disclose to the supplier of the goods or service your personal information to our partners, suppliers and sub-contractors in order to process your order, fulfil deliveries, compete billing and invoicing transactions and to enable delivery and logistics to be planned and delivered efficiently.

We may supply your personal data to trusted suppliers who undertake analysis for us.

We may also pass your personal data to other third parties (including, without limitation, our Affiliates) if necessary in order to arrange for a booking to be provided or enquiry answered or to process a booking in a way contemplated by our website.

In some cases we may pass information, including your personal data, to third parties outside the European Economic Area. These countries may not provide the same level of protection for your personal data as the UK. If we do transfer your data outside the European Economic Area we will put in place a contract to ensure, so far as reasonably possible, that your information is protected or, where applicable, covered by the US “Safe Harbour Program”.


By entering your personal data onto our website, you agree to your personal data being processed in these ways. If you are a Renter you agree that you are authorised to disclose to us personal data about your Renter’s Party and that we may use such personal data in the same way as if it were your personal data.

If you have subscribed to our e-mail service or have made a booking for, or an enquiry about, the services we offer, you agree we may send you targeted promotional e-mails about the services and special deals we offer unless you have opted out of receiving these.

You agree that we may also disclose our customer database, including any personal data relating to you contained in it, to a third party who acquires or attempts to acquire all or substantially all of the assets or shares in Clickstay Ltd. or our website whether by merger, acquisition, reorganisation or otherwise.

Updating your personal data

Please ensure that you keep your personal data up to date.

We store details of your personal data and transactional information against your personal profile. We keep your personal data for such periods of time as we consider to be necessary for us to provide our services.

If you post a comment on our website, or send a comment to us by email, text message or phone, or by letter or other means, we may display this content indefinitely in any relevant context. This will be anonymised in the case of testimonials or customer services conversations.

When you give information about another person, you confirm that that person has appointed you to act in that way and to consent to the processing of that person’s personal data, in the ways described above as if it were your personal data including, without limitation, to the transfer of that data outside the European Economic Area.

Removing your personal data

You can ask us to remove your personal data from our sites at any time by getting in touch with us via our contact page or emailing and requesting your account to be deleted.


We may disclose your personal data where we are obliged or permitted by law to do so. If you send offensive messages or objectionable content on or via our website or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on our website, we may use the information that we have about you to stop this behaviour. We may, without limitation, inform law enforcement agencies and (if appropriate) your employer about your behaviour.

Information requests

You are generally entitled to ask us (by letter or e-mail) what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they may be or have been disclosed. We will provide you with this information free of charge; however we may charge a reasonable fee if your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive. We promise to respond to your request as soon as possible and at the latest within one month of receipt of your written request. In certain limited circumstances we are entitled to refuse your request – for example if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive.

If you believe that any of your personal details which we are processing are inaccurate or incorrect please contact us immediately.

This privacy statement covers websites owned and controlled by us only. Links to other websites and any information collected by these sites are not covered by this privacy statement. As our privacy statement may change due to developments in the law, we would encourage you to reread our privacy statement from time to time so that you are aware of any changes in how we gather and use personal information.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

We may send you a cookie when you visit or any of our other websites.

A cookie is a very small file that is placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. There are two categories of cookie, called “first party” and “third party” cookies:

  1. First party cookies are cookies that we set and we use them for a number of reasons, such as remembering who you are when you return to our Website; and
  2. Third party cookies are cookies set on our behalf by third parties such as AdRoll, Facebook, Google and Twitter. These cookies do not collect your personal data but we may use them to identify you. We may use third party cookies together with web beacons.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies for several different reasons, including:

  1. Cookies that are necessary for our websites to work and cannot be switched off. They are usually only set in response to actions that you make, such as when you log in to check your booking. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
    You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but if you do, some parts of our website will not work properly.
  2. Tracking technologies that allow us to track your behaviour on our website including how you arrived to it. We do this for analytical purposes, conducting research, product development, fraud prevention, risk assessment and to personalize or otherwise customize your experience. We may also use this type of cookie to make payments to third parties with whom we have a contract when a visitor, who has visited a website operated by the third party, rents a property or buys a service using our website. We also use Google Analytics for web analytics which uses cookies to gather information about how visitors use our website. The data collected by Google is not shared with anyone else and we don’t upload any data that would allow Google to personally identify an individual. For further information about Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy, please visit

How to control the use of cookies

You are not obliged to accept cookies and you may change the settings in your browser so that it will not accept cookies. You can control cookies by (i) allowing them, (ii) deleting them individually or (iii) deleting all of them. You can also set your browser not to accept them at all. If you choose not to accept them at all, our website may not function properly or at all. It may also be possible for you to set your browser so that it notifies you before you accept a cookie. If you do this, it may mean that browsing our website is slower than if you choose a different option.

It may be possible for you to change the settings of your browser to prevent just third party cookies from being placed on your computer, tablet or device: In some browsers, it may even be possible to block cookies from specific companies or organisations.

To control the use of cookies, please follow the instructions on the browser you use on your computer, tablet or device.

You may also be able to control the use of cookies by opting out of online behavioural advertising by visiting the “Your Online Choices” page of the website provided by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Changes to this Policy

We may, in our sole discretion, make changes to this policy from time to time. This may be because the law or best practice changes or because of changes in our service or treatment of your personal data. We will display clearly on our website when our Policy has changed.


In this Policy:

Affiliate means a person who has a website that refers persons who are interested in becoming Renters to us.
Owner means a person who owns a Property that is advertised on our Website for letting on a temporary basis.
Renter means a person who agrees to rent a Property on a temporary basis via our Website.
Renter’s Party means the individuals identified by the Renter as those who will occupy the Property on a temporary basis (including any additional person(s) or substitute person(s) agreed with the Owner).
We/us/our means Clickstay Ltd., a private company, limited by shares and incorporated in England and Wales under number 8674663, whose registered office is at Astral House, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom OX26 4JY. Reference to Clickstay shall be deemed to include a reference to its successors and assigns.
Website means, and any other website operated by us.
You, your refers to an Owner or a Renter, as the case may be.
Last updated: 29 September 2021