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2 bedroom Goa holiday villa rental with private pool
January 2017

We were a group of six and we had the most amazing time in our week long stay at Casa Flora. A two storied villa with all the amenities from a stocked up fridge to a power shower, and also a plunge pool which is refilled and clean every two days by the super friendly and amazing caretaker Sebastian. He was always just a call away for any kind of assistance. Due to restrictions on music and liquor sale during election days, we spent almost every night at the villa partying which resulted in a lot of great memories. The villa had a crazy happy vibe. We are definitely coming back here the next time we visit Goa. The Villa had no shortcomings, it was just perfect. Felt like home.

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Renter: Garvit
Garvit Friends from Mohali, India
4 bedroom villa to rent in Goa, India
March 2016

We had a wonderful stay at this property, staff was very helpful. The only difficulty we found was locating the property, rest everything was superb. Would love to go again..

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Renter: Pooja
Pooja Family from Dagenham, United Kingdom
5 bedroom villa to rent in Goa, India
April 2012

My family (10 members) spent a week at this lovely villa and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The house is well maintained and very spacious. Kids had a good time in the pool while the adults relaxed in the tranquil gardens. Salam was an excellent cook and always willing to help. Would most definitely visit again and highly recommend this lovely villa and the team that runs it.

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Renter: Bela
Bela Bela from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
5 bedroom villa to rent in Goa, India
March 2008

Excellent location. Close to Candolim, Calangute and Baga and yet far enough away to remain an oasis of peace and tranquility. The house, gardens and pool are superb; exceeding our wildest expectations. What really made the difference though was Salam, the housekeeper. A great host and excellent cook who looked after our every need, including the speedy facilitation of medical treatment for one of our party. Over the years we've traveled frequently, but never returned to a destination. Why would you, when there is so much more in the world to see? But Goa, Villa Salmona and most of all Salam have changed that. We've only been back two days and we're already planning our return.

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Renter: David
David David from Wirral, United Kingdom
5 bedroom villa to rent in Goa, India
February 2008

We loved the place and the staff was terrific! Lovely location not too far from the beaches but far enough to escape the noise. The Cook, Salaam is an extremely friendly and forthcoming chap. All in all - a great holiday experience for my little family and myself. Thanks a lot.

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Renter: Martin
Martin Martin from Zuerich, Switzerland
5 bedroom villa to rent in Goa, India
January 1970

Extraordinary house and grounds, lovely tranquil village setting, truly thoughtful and considerate staff to look after uswe loved it. Thank you for one of the most memorable holidays Ive had in India.

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Renter: K

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