8 Wedding-Perfect Places in Turkey

Updated 9 March 2020 | by Danielle Harrod
8 Wedding-Perfect Places in Turkey

  Sometimes the only way to secure perfect weather on your wedding day is to take the event abroad. And while there are plenty of destinations with scorching weather, Turkey’s Fethiye Islands have so many beautiful places for you and your other half to tie the knot. Just don’t go during their summer – make-up just doesn’t look good streaming down the face.  


1. Turunc Bay, Oludeniz


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  Ever wanted to arrive at your wedding on a boat? Well, that’s the only way to arrive at a private cove on the Fethiye islands… This beautiful, secluded venue has a waterfront restaurant and sunset setting, you couldn't ask for a more romantic way to start your marriage. Go through Oludeniz Weddings and they will light up the beach with fairy lights and flame torches as you dine under the moonlight and dance on the shores or private lawn terrace to live music. They even provide you with a private belly dancer…    


2. The Mediterranean Ocean

Turkish Boat Weddings   With Exquisite Weddings, you and your guests can float around the islands of Fethiye on a boat while you and your loved ones celebrate with Turkish cuisine and live music. You can choose whether to marry at sunset or under nothing but the moonlight and there is a range of boat sizes to choose from, to fit the size of your party.    


3. The Bay Beach Resort, Fethiye


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  The Bay Beach Resort is perfect for those who just can’t choose what setting they want most. As you marry in a hidden forest, the sun will set over the ocean just yards away from you. To make it better, you don’t have to leave as soon as the wedding is over as the hidden retreat has wooden cabins for you and your guests to stay in. This picturesque venue will make you feel like you have stepped straight into a fairy tale.    


4. Traditional Taverna, Kaya


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  If you don’t like the sand between your toes and you love an authentic local experience, then this traditional venue is for you. This beautiful, rustic location is set in the famous ‘Ghost Town’, Kaya in the centre of Greek ruins. It’s perfect if you prefer to be tucked away from the buzz of tourists. After your wedding takes place on a wooden terrace, you can enjoy one of the 12,000 wines kept in extravagant wine cellar and dance in the light of the mystical ruins.    


5. The Marmara, Bodrum


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  Sometimes, nothing beats a wedding in a beautiful five star hotel, and this one is perfect. With a moonlit dinner cooked by award-winning chefs on a terrace overlooking the city, there isn't much this hotel can’t offer. With rooms for everyone, activities, massages and other spa treatments, this resort can turn a wedding into a holiday of a lifetime for you and your guests – before you sneak off on your honeymoon, of course.    


But if you’re looking for something a bit more private (or want somewhere secluded for a romantic honeymoon), why not book out a private villa:


6. Mimosa Evi, in Faralya, Turkey

This five bedroom, two bathroom villa is perfect for the two of you to escape after the big event. With a beautiful beach close by. Mimosa Evi Villa in Turkey See more information here.    

7. Luxury 6 Bed Villa, in Kalkan, Turkey

If you’re looking for a small, secluded wedding with you and a handful of friends, then this luxury Villa is perfect. With 10 bedrooms, sleeping 19 people, there is plenty of room for them to stay before the big day. See more information here.    

8. Sunset View Villa in Oludeniz, Turkey

Whether you want a luxury 6 bed villa next to the beach just for you and your new partner to bask in after the big day, or somewhere to tie the not, this villa is perfect. If a marriage is not on the cards for you, why not check out our full range of villas in Turkey anyway, the Greek islands have something for everybody. Villas and apartments in Fethiye