5 Best Beach Resorts In Turkey

Updated 16 March 2023 | by Nakita Mason

Turkey is rife with natural beauty and its beaches are no exception. Today we look at some of the best beaches in Turkey for those of you looking for sun, sea, sand and a great big dollop of relaxation on the side.

1. Blue Lagoon Beach, Ölüdeniz

Blue Lagoon Beach, Ölüdeniz

No matter what article you read, the much-loved Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz is sure to be high on the list of beauty spots, with its iconic azure water and dazzling sandy beaches. The area has a sheltered lagoon with a mile long crescent of white beach leading to it, and deep blue waters. You might be familiar with the aerial view of this beach; the rocky mountain backdrop makes it one of the world's best-known paragliding spots.

2. Butterfly Valley Beach, Fethiye

Butterfly Valley Beach, Fethiye

Framed by majestic cliffs and renowned for its wildlife and flora, this is certainly one for those who like the road less travelled. Only really accessible by boat from Oludeniz, and with very limited amenities this really is a total back-to-nature experience. The scenic nature trail of Butterfly Valley itself is worth experiencing.

3. Patara Beach, Gelemi

Patara Beach, Gelemi

This well-known beach is the longest in Turkey, stretching to an incredible eleven miles of beautiful sand and coastline. It’s especially favoured among nature lovers, serving as the breeding ground for loggerhead turtles, but also playing host to many other forms of wildlife. You’ll also find historic ruins are a big pull of this beach and make for a breath-taking view when you visit.

4. Kaputas Beach, Kalkan

Kaputas Beach, Kalkan

Often used as the poster boy of travel brands, Kaputas beach is one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Turkey. Accessed by a long set of steps, some might say you have to work a little harder to enjoy this beach, but rest assured, it’s worth every step. With glorious sapphire water and a mix of sand and pebble shoreline, it truly is one of the most scenic sea views you’re likely to find.

5. Cleopatra’s Beach, Alanya

Cleopatra’s Beach, Alanya

A potent mix of beautiful and well-placed, Cleopatra’s Beach is a very popular location for those who want a little of everything. A blue flag beauty, this white sanded beach not only has the looks, it also runs along a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars, meaning you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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