10 Facts to Make You Want to Go to Turkey

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Abbie Osguthorpe
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Turkey is one of our top destinations. In fact, it's the second most popular place with renters, after Spain. A richly historic land with a balmy Mediterranean climate and some of the world's tastiest cuisine - we can see why it's a favourite. Here are some facts about Turkey that you may not know...  


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1. In 2010, the Turkish city of Istanbul was chosen as the European capital of culture by the European Union.

Istanbul Turkey Capital of Culture


2. Istanbul is home to The Grand Bazaar.

This amazing shopping centre is 540 years old!! It spans amazingly across 64 streets and has 4,000 shops with 22 entrances and 25,000 employees. Perfect if you are shopping for that perfect gift for someone back home or simply want to treat yourself to an Arabian souvenir. This place has the lot; from glass mosaic lamps to intricately engraved silver teapots.

Grand Bazaar Market Turkey

3. You can cross continents underground.

Even though Istanbul may be Europe’s largest city, half of it actually extends into Asia. A sultan dreamed of a railway link beneath the Bosphorus Strait and Turkey opened the Marmaray metro line in 2013.

Marmaray train Turkey
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4. Amazingly a new type of plant is discovered every ten days.

Turkeys 10,000 plants and 80,000 species of animals help with the country’s ranking among the world’s 35 biodiversity hotspots. Making it a great place for animal and nature lovers, check out highlights like the native Fritillaria Imperialis.

Fritillaria Imperialis, Turkey Flower


5. Istanbul has an exciting modern art scene.

Istanbul Biennial is now in its 14th edition – an absolute must-see for any art lovers planning to visit Turkey.

Istanbul Art Gallery Biennial
Koraysa / Shutterstock.com


6. If you visit Turkey then you might find chicken in your dessert.

The signature Ottoman treat is tavuk göğsü otherwise known as chicken breast pudding. It is an odd combination of tiny chicken strips, milk and sugar with cinnamon dusted across the top – we’ve heard it’s delicious...

Chicken milk pudding tavuk göğsü Turkey


7. One of the primary sea turtle nesting beaches is here.

İztuzu Beach, just west of Fethiye, is a major breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. When they arrive between May and October they climb ashore at the exact site of their birth to lay a new generation of eggs. 

Sea Turtles Turkey


8. The Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey.

It’s around the site where the Trojan horses rest today.

Trojan Horse Turkey

9. The first ever church was built in Turkey.

St. Peter’s Church is located in Antakya - a definite must-see when you visit Turkey.

St Peter's Church Antakya


10. Turkey has some of the best beaches boasting the cleanest water.

Hundreds of beaches and marinas in Turkey have been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ which is a European award for the cleanest water!

Clear Water Beach Turkey


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