20 Things To Buy in Turkey’s Grand Bazaar

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

Oh yes, when it comes to shopping and bargain hunting in Turkey, there are fewer places so spectacular as the great Grand Bazaar market! With a wealth of traditional Turkish trinkets, furniture, and food, it's a great place for gifts or simply just to treat yourself, and to get you in the bargain-hunting mood, here are 20 things that are on offer. 


1: Mosaic Chandeliers & Lamps

Want to make a statement in your lounge? Easy.

Turkish Lights

2: Rugs

Rugs. Saving drab homes since...well since forever really...

Turkish Rugs

3: Coffee Sets

Oh yes, you COULD serve your guests their coffee in those chipped IKEA mugs, or you could try one of these little stunners.

Turksih Coffee Pots

4: Jewellery

Great for gifts but even better dangling from your own ears and throat, am I right? 

Turkish Jewellery

5: Chocolate

Oh please, this stuff needs no introduction. 


6: Ceramic Teapots

I'm a little teapot short and stout, here's my beautifully painted exterior in the traditional Turkish style, and here's my capacity for making teatime far more delightful. 

Turkish Cermic Teapots

7: Furniture

If you're looking for authentic furniture that catches the eye and makes your home dazzle then look no further...

Turkish Furniture

8: Turkish Delight

Proper Turkish Delight truly is delightful...unless of course you've wandered through a wardrobe and it's a witch offering it to you...

Turkish Delight

9: Mirrors

Mirrors do more than show us our own reflection, they make a room look bigger and can be a real centerpiece, so why not make a spectacle of it and get a beautiful Turkish one? 


10: Scarves & Pashminas

Scarves and Pashminas are a fundamental part of anyone's wardrobe, one day acting as a shawl, the next, a sarong, and in Turkey you'll find a rainbow of colours and patterns to choose from!


11: Coin cases

Warning: Money not included. Moths optional.

coin cases

12: Custom Ceramic Tiles

Plain white tiles? Why would you when you can get authentic and often customized Turkish tiles? 

Turkish Tiles

13: Kilim Shoes

These are possibly the snazziest of all shoes, coming in an array of styles and often called 'carpet shoes' due to their iconic colourful look.

Turkish Kilim Shoes

14: Copper Mugs and Tea Sets

They shine, they keep tea hot, they make your kitchen look extra posh, I mean, what's not to like?

Turkish Copper Mugs

15: Spices

Row after row of spices just makes you want to go all Jamie Oliver and cook your little heart out. Foodies beware: here there be lots of choice. 

Turkish Spices

16: Bags

Sadly you won't find one quite as good as the one Mary Poppins carts around but my, you'll get some good looking and sturdy ones that are all traditionally made.  

Turkish bags

17: Peshtemal Towels and Throws

You can't get more Turkish than this; the classic Peshtemal towels date back hundreds of years and were made to protect privacy during bathing. They look pretty funky too.

Peshtemal Bedding

18: Clothes

From the traditional to the more modern, you'll find plenty of opportunities to update your wardrobe. 


19: Whirling Dervish Décor

These wonderful trinkets hark back to the age-old Sema religious dance that you can still go and see to this day.  

Whirling Dervish Decor

20: Hittite Jugs

Shaped to mimic the shape of the sun and also so that it can be poured in the traditional manner, these beautiful jugs are quintessentially Turkish. 

Hittite Jugs

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, the glorious Grand Bazaar has even more just waiting to be haggled over!

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