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4 bedroom Gocek villa to rent
February 2020

During the day there is a nice overview of the landscape from the highest point of the villa. The cool nights show a true play of dancing lights while during the day you can enjoy the wonderful sea breeze combined with the mild sun. In the distance you can see the sea where boats transport tourists along densely covered coastline. The beaches tell their own story because of the many visitors who can admire and experience the beauty of nature up close. The villa is simply furnished with all the necessary amenities for a great stay and also feels cozy.

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Renter: Maria
4 bedroom Gocek villa to rent
February 2020

Our villa is among many others in the same location. We could still enjoy the quietness and the peace of the nearby surrounding. The villa is huge, very pleasant accommodation for everyone where we felt at home. From the service staff we had the best service one could think of; friendly and helpful. a good team you have. Our visit to the beach and the nearby tavernas, left us with good experience and a memorable holiday that will last for a long time to come.

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Renter: Marie
4 bedroom Gocek villa to rent
February 2020

We had a wonderful stay at the Villa and one of the best remarkable holidays during Christmas time. The property had enough space to accommodate our family and enjoyed the tavernas in the area, we will definitely visit again. Thanks to Agni for an excellent service!

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Renter: Dorianne
4 bedroom villa to rent in Fethiye, Turkey
February 2020

We loved the Villa and the days we spent here, the large balcony and many spots in the garden area to relax. The garden is one of the main attraction and we dont recommend any changes to be made. The view was beautiful and the tavernas were amazing. The pool was a favorite spot to be. Till next time again

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Renter: Alayne
4 bedroom villa rental in Fethiye, Turkey, with private pool
January 2020

Lovely villa with everything in place. freshly cleaned. We visited the beautiful Blue Point beach, the hamam and spa, the famous shopping street and some nice restaurants. The owner came to visit to see if everything was okay with us, something that we really appreciated him for. A. holiday is well spent

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Renter: Sara
4 bedroom villa to rent in Fethiye, Turkey
January 2020

This villa was recommended by friends who have stayed here before. What we loved about this place was the sunlight in the morning, the large balcony and many spots in the garden area to relax. The pool was our childrens favorite spot to be. It may be said that the house and the garden are tastefully decorated where nothing is left to chance. The view was excellent, We had food from a well-known restaurant in town. On those days that we wanted to stay home, we prepared huge family meals and have been able to tighten family ties. Till next time again

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Renter: Siobhan

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Villas in Fethiye

Fethiye refers to both the bustling port town, built around a large bay with a rugged, mountainous backdrop, and the surrounding area along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast.

With its natural harbour, Fethiye is a main base for boat cruises, worth experiencing to discover the quiet coves along the coast that are not accessible by land, and the pretty islands dotted along the bay. If you prefer to stay on land, there is plenty to do in the town itself; busy markets and bazaars, Turkish baths, al fresco dining along the long, shaded promenade and quayside restaurants and musicians playing at the traditional cafes in the old town. In and around the town are many historical sites including the dramatic Lycian tombs carved out of the hillside and other remnants of the 5th century city of Telmessos, as well as the remains of a Roman amphitheatre.

Visit the deserted city of Kayakoy or the ancient city of Kadyanda, hike the Lycian way, discover the sculpted walls of the Saklikent Gorge, or, for a more relaxing villa holiday simply soak up the laid back and traditional ambience of Fethiye’s beaches and charming villages.

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