5 Top Reasons to Visit Fethiye

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

The working title of this piece was ‘why wouldn't you go to Fethiye?’ but it made for a one-line blog that read ‘error: there is no such reason’.

So here we are, with 5 top reasons to visit this gorgeous destination that encompasses the turquoise coast of Turkey. If you like adventure, or taking in beautiful views or relaxing on the beach, Fethiye is for you. And if you don't we would be more than a little curious as to how you spend your holidays...

1: Ölüdeniz Beach

This is reputed to be one of the most photographed beaches in the world and with only a cursory look it’s easy to see why. Often called the blue-lagoon, this quiet, beautiful, beach offers a relaxing place to soak up the sun and admire the view, preferably with a song in your heart and a spring in your step.

If, however, quiet contemplation isn’t really your style, then you’ll find Ölüdeniz is equally great for the thrill-seekers among you.  If you want to get a view like no other, then there’s a variety of paragliding options to give you that birds-eye view and a rush that can’t be beaten. For a gentler experience, there’s also plenty of opportunities to go parasailing and take in the turquoise coast as you bounce along in the warm sea breeze.

If you'd rather leave the gymnastics to our feathered friends, however, then there's also water-skiing and jet-skiing alternatives that will see you gliding along the too blue to be true water.

No matter what way you choose to enjoy this beach, you’re sure to fall in love with its tranquillity and stunning sights.

2: The Fethiye Tuesday Market

We know, it’s just a market, right? No big deal, nothing to see here, move right along. Well not to sound too smug but, actually, this market is the largest in the area and is a show-stopper for anyone who likes to get lost in a maze of colour, smells, and trinkets.

From traditional food like fiendishly moreish olives to toys, trinkets, and textiles, the Tuesday Market is a come one, come all affair.

Bustling and lively, you will find that there’s no end to the discoveries to be made as you make your way through the huge expanse of stalls and if you truly want traditional eating then it’s a great place to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. 

But take care, you only have one pair of hands to carry all your purchases after all!

3: Butterfly Valley

Often claimed to be an ‘untouched paradise' Butterfly valley is well worth a trip for the hikes alone. You'll find plenty of boat excursions to take you there from Ölüdeniz, and on arrival, you'll be able to explore the valley which is a highly protected nature reserve with no long-term constructions present. There are two small waterfalls to be discovered on the many walks you can take and it’s highly likely you’ll get a little snap-happy with your camera, such are the views.

As for the butterflies, there certainly isn't a shortage, all thanks to the perfect climate provided by the valley, meaning these beautiful bugs can live and propagate in multitudes. There are supposedly over a hundred species living in this cove that you can spot and the most well-known of the lot isn’t a butterfly at all but in fact a moth, known as the Jersey Tiger Moth. This is a must-visit place for all you nature lovers out there and sure to put a smile on your face when you see your first butterfly casually floating past! 

4: Umbrella Street

You'll find this quirky street in the old town of Fethiye, which has a literal canopy of colourful umbrellas overhead that has been present since 2014. As you mooch along beneath them you'll discover shops and café's as well as the odd stall where you can find all manner of gifts and food to barter for! Sit sipping rich coffee and enjoy the authentic vibe offered by the old town or else continue along the street to discover yet more shops and eateries.

5: Lycian Rock Tombs

For those of you who like your history and folklore, the Lycian Rock Tombs are a must-see. The story goes that the Lycians (being very helpful), placed their dead in especially high places so that the mystical beings who took them to the afterlife could reach them more easily. These amazing structures are literally carved into the rock face, with the most well-known one being the Tomb of Amyntas and if you climb up to see them, not only will you get a fantastic view of the surrounding area, but you’ll get to take in these ancient creations and marvel at the skill and dedication it took to make them.

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