13 Things You May Not Know About Tenerife
It’s not all about beaches and cheap booze...


1. There’s a music festival in April, and it’s in a water park.

I Love Music Festival 2015, Siam Park - 3rd April.


Picture: willreyes.co.uk



2. It’s one of the best places on earth to see whales and dolphins.

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3. It’s a VAT free island – great news for smokers and drinkers!


Picture: dailyhaha.com



4. Almost half the island is protected by national parks – it’s not as overrun by hotels and tourists as you’d think.

richard waters photography

Picture: Richard Waters Photography



5. It snows in the winter – Tenerife is commonly known for its winter sun but the locals look forward to a sprinkling of snow on Mount Teide.


Picture: overlandsphere.com



6. And you can take a cable car up to the summit of Mount Teide (a dormant volcano) in the summer.


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7. There are ancient pyramids… and mummies. The Pyramids of Güímar to be precise.


Picture: Wikipedia



8. The island has lots of art and culture to see – visit the Museos de Tenerife or Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.


Picture: iguzzini.com



9. And there is a museum dedicated to dolls.

Artlanya Doll Museum consistently gets great reviews and the chap that runs it is a real character.

Doll Museum

Picture: TripAdvisor



10. The island’s Carnaval celebrations are second only to Rio.


Picture: locuraviajes.com



11. You can hang out with monkeys at the Monkey Park in Los Cristianos.

Look at that cheeky face!

Picture: Giphy



12. Visit La Cueva Del Viento and you can walk through tunnels formed by lava.

cueva del viento

Picture: las-islas-canarias.com



13. The Beatles visited Tenerife before they made it big-time.

Daily Mail - Beatles

Picture: DailyMail



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Casa Carmela - Golf del Sur, Tenerife


la quinta

La Quinta - Amarilla Golf, Tenerife


La Quinta Heights


La Quinta Heights - Amarilla Golf, Tenerife


Alamos Park

Alamos Park - Golf del Sur, Tenerife


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