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Problems making a payment

- You are unable to pay at the moment

Bookings may be automatically cancelled if payment is not received on time, so if you think you won’t be able to make a payment by the due date for any reason, contact the owner as soon as you can.

- Your attempt to pay isn’t working

If you are trying to make a payment but it doesn’t seem to be working, there are some things you can try.

- Be sure to enter the card details exactly as presented on the card. Pay particular attention to how your name is displayed on the card and input it in exactly the same way.

- It’s usually fine to pay from a mobile phone, but it this is what you are doing and it’s not working, try doing it from a laptop or PC.

- If the payment still doesn’t work, contact your card issuer to identify the problem, or try using a different card. Always be sure to enter the 3D verification code sent in a message by your card issuer, to your mobile phone.

- Your card payment may fail if you don't have enough funds in your account or your bank has limited the amount you can spend in one transaction - contact your bank in these cases.

- Another possible reason for a failed payment could be that you have been "timed out" when you entered your card details the first time round, and once you attempted again, your bank might have then flagged this attempt as potential fraud. Your bank also might do this if the payment you are making is unusually large compared to your usual payments. Your bank takes these measures to protect you; you will need to contact your bank to ask what the next step should be.