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Check-in and check-out times

Check-in and check-out times vary from property to property and are set by the person in charge of the property - the owner or the agent. It’s displayed on the property page, under “Useful information”, as well as at the top of the booking page when you make a booking.

Can I have an early check-in / late-check out?

The only person that can answer this is the owner or agent that you booked with, as it's at their discretion.

Sometimes check-in times are flexible and you’ll be able to enter the property earlier, if the property is not occupied and is already prepared, or leave later (often for a small fee) if there are no other occupants arriving straight after your booking. However you’ll need to ask the owner about this, as it’s entirely up to them if they allow for this.

To ask, simply select the 'contact owner' or "contact agent" link on the property page.