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Breakage cover / deposit

A breakage cover is a sum of money (set by the owner) in case of any breakages and/or damages that may occur during your stay. The owner will specify which (if any) breakage cover they require for a booking. The booking contract specifies how many days after your check-out date the owner requires in order to check their property for breakages and/or damages.

A breakage cover may be paid through Clickstay; this includes the Non-Refundable Breakage waiver and Refundable Breakage Deposit. If you pay one of these options, in the unlikely event that something is damaged, a claim will be handled through our system.

Non-Refundable Breakage Waiver: this is a non-refundable amount of £31.00, $50.00 or €44.00 which covers you for up to: £300.00, $450.00 or €340.00.

The terms of the Non-Refundable Breakage Waiver can be found here.

Refundable Breakage Deposit: this is a refundable amount of money that is set by the owner of the property. The money is protected and held by us; if the owner makes a breakage claim after your stay we will automatically send an email to inform you. If no claim is made by the owner we will automatically refund the full amount to the bank account you made the payment from.

Some owners may require breakage cover that is paid directly to them which will be listed as under compulsory extras as ‘paid locally’, and others will not require any breakage cover at all.

When will you get the refundable breakage deposit back?