The Best Resorts In Cyprus For Families

Updated 29 December 2021 | by Nakita Mason

Saturated with both myth and history, not to mention flaunting a beauty that’s all its own, Cyprus is a location that seems to call out to a myriad of different travellers. From loved-up couple’s breaks to laid back weeks with old friends, Cyprus seems to fit the bill for so many holiday types, but perhaps none more so than that of a classic family holiday.

The only real problem is choosing which resort in Cyprus will be best for you.

Well, as luck would have it we know a thing or two about such things, so stick with us and we’ll work out which resort in Cyprus is best for your family.

1 The Calm and Educational Resort Of Cyprus: Paphos

Paphos Castle in Cyprus

Paphos is the introvert of Cyprus if you like; while other areas are well known for their partying vibe and buzzing atmosphere, Paphos is quieter. But as with any introvert; behind that quiet exterior are deep running waters and that is exactly true of Paphos too.

From fun activities, historical sites, lovely walks and interesting museums, Paphos is perfect for a relaxing holiday with your family and especially good for those with curious minds.

Some highlights would be spending a day at the lovely St George’s beach, enjoying the scenery and engaging in some typical sun and sand fun! Taking a walk around Paphos harbour for lunch and a real experience of Cyprus life is a must too, not to mention some other excellent attractions like the Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station (great for kids who like to learn about wildlife) and the brilliant Marios Golf Park.

Paphos has a wealth of things to do and provides a laid-back holiday combined with plenty of things to keep your mind (and the rest of your tribe’s) ticking over. Enjoy.

2 The Party Resort Of Cyprus: Ayia Napa

Boat in Ayia Napa in Cyprus

Unlike Paphos, Ayia Napa is unapologetically a party town but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent resort for families. It’s a particularly great place for slightly older children as there’s plenty of great activities for them to get stuck into by day, while enjoying the bustling nightlife with the rest of the family by night.

The water activities are in particular abundance of course, with snorkelling, diving and boat rides to be found everywhere, but there’s also jeep safaris, Segway tours and paragliding excursions!

Highlights for you and the family would be the excellent Waterworld Water Park (which caters to all ages), spending a day enjoying the lovely Konnos Bay and perhaps going for drinks somewhere in the evening like The Square Bar.

3. The Great All-Rounder Resort Of Cyprus: Larnaca

Bird's eye view of Larnacain Cyprus

This pretty city on Cyprus’s south coast is a great family resort if you’re not sure. The brilliant thing about lovely Larnaca is that there truly is so much to do that you’ll be able to keep your whole brood happy effortlessly.

What’s particularly popular in Larnaca of course is the beaches, of which there are some great little spots to choose from. Foinikoudes Beach is a particularly popular one, with pretty palm trees and sunbeds, plus plenty of food options close by too. More low-key and very delightful however is the lovely Faros Beach, which is only a stone’s throw away.

Beyond these beachy wonders however is a vast array of possibilities for you and your family to enjoy, including museums, tours, shopping and all manner of water activities.

If we had to recommend some specific things to do however then The Walk Tour of Larnaca is always a good pick and will give you a cultural injection of history and tradition.

For the more adventurous of you however, there’s some excellent opportunities to go diving, affording you a chance to see the incredible wildlife Cyprus has to offer in its natural habitat.

Are Those it?

Aphrodite's rock in Cyprus

These three are some of our favourites and seem to be particularly great for families, but they are by no means the only ones. Other resorts in Cyprus that are ideal for family fun include Protaras which has tons of activities on offer (including the ever-popular Anastasia Aquamania Waterpark) as well as quiet beaches for more relaxing days.

Elsewhere there’s also lovely Limassol, the second biggest city in Cyprus and serving as a blinding light for the culture moths among you. One day you can be visiting the majestic Limassol Castle, the next wandering around the quirky Cyprus Historic And Classic Motor Museum!


So go on, treat yourself to a villa holiday in Cyprus and find out why it’s becoming one of the most popular family holiday destinations ever!