10 Most Photographed Locations In Cyprus

Updated 22 September 2020 | by Nakita Mason

1. Aphrodite’s Rock

Aphrodite’s rock is a hugely popular tourist attraction, not only drawing crowds with its rich folklore but also for the stunning backdrop it provides.

Aphrodite’s Rock

2. Cape Greco’s ‘Love Bridge’

A firm favourite for a picture with significant others, this naturally occurring bridge has been snapped countless times and remains one of the most beautiful little spots in Cyprus.

Cape Greco’s ‘Love Bridge’

3.The Blue Lagoon

Well-known and much-loved, Blue Lagoon is situated in Akamas, a natural wonder of crystal-clear water and a great spot for snorkelling and swimming.

The Blue Lagoon

4. The Troodos Mountains

The largest mountain range in Cyprus and a real sight to behold, the Troodos Mountains hosts four ski slopes from its peak of Mount Olympus.

The Troodos Mountains

5. Ancient Kourion

Found in pretty Limassol, these amazing ruins are not only one of the most impressive in all of Cyprus, but also set against a backdrop of stunning coastal views.

Ancient Kourion

6. St. Hilarion Castle

Allegedly the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the Walt Disney film adaption, St. Hilarion’s Castle is rich in history and sits nestled in the Kyrenia mountains.

St. Hilarion Castle

7. Kyrenia Harbour

With Kyrenia known to be one of the prettiest locations in all of Cyprus, it’s little wonder that the harbour is a favourite among travellers.

 Kyrenia Harbour

8. St. Georgios Church

Found in Paphos this exquisite little church is a great place to visit whether you’re religious or not. Small with some lovely interiors and architecture it’s a must-see for all travellers.

 St. Georgios Church

9. The Avakas Cave

This beautiful natural wonder created by thousands of years of water flowing over limestone has been drawing visitors the world over. It’s also a wonderful location to spot all types of flora and fauna.

 The Avakas Cave

10. Kelefos Bridge

Another favourite for photographers, this ancient bridge is set in the mountains of Paphos and straddles the Dhiarizos river.  

Kelefos Bridge

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