Cyprus! A place for all

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Leanne Capuano

The exotic and strikingly beautiful land of Cyprus is a luxurious island of art, culture and history, and it's the birthplace of Greek Goddess of Love and beauty, Aphrodite. She is often known as Cypris, which translates to ‘The Lady of Cyprus.’ But, her beauty is not the only enchanting sight you’ll find. There’s something to give everyone a little pleasure on this stunning Mediterranean Island and it’s not just the weather…

villas in Cyprus

Cyprus for foodies

The birthplace of halloumi is the perfect place for any budding culinary master. Cyprus brags of a whole range of fascinating and delectable dishes, each with a unique taste you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. So, why not sink your teeth into some delicious delights like Koupepia (a Greek delicacy of lamb or pork, mixed with rice and wrapped in grape leaves) or try a hearty Stifado (a traditional Cypriot stew made of rabbit.) Take your taste buds on a Cypriot adventure you’ll never forget.  

Cyprus for sunbathers

If you’re a fan of the warm weather and spending hours in the sizzling sunshine to give your skin the perfect sun-kissed look, Cyprus has a lot to offer. There is a variety of magnificent beaches for you to spend your days relaxing and soaking up some Mediterranean sun. So, why not enjoy the heart-stopping beauty of Makronissos beach in Aiya Napa? Or relax on the sandy shores of Lara Bay in Akamas.

Cyprus for frugal spenders

Cyprus has risen in price since converting to the Euro, but there are many money-saving tips to make your holiday a little more cost effective. Rather than ordering your Meze from larger restaurants in the tourist areas, head inland to the local taverns where everything is much cheaper. Plus, there are so many free activities for you to enjoy, such as exploring museums, caves, beaches and you may be able to find a free wine tasting from some of the vine yards around the country.

Cyprus for families

Although many young people flock to Cyprus for the nightlife there’s still a lot for people of all ages, particularly families. Maybe you want to take your children to water parks such as Fassouri Watermania near Limassol, horseriding safari near Paphos or the Dinosaur Park in Ayia Napa. It will be one holiday your kids will be talking about long after you return home.

Cyprus for history buffs

Cyprus has a lot to offer anyone with a keen interest in history. You could delve into the ancient world and examine the remnants of places like Kourion, the large Byzantine basilica, or take a trip to the Medieval era with a trip to the villages surrounding Trodos Massif, where you’ll find monasteries housing fascinating paintings and relics from the time.

Cyprus for wine connoisseurs

Cyprus brags of a long history of wine making. In fact, if your aim is to scour the island looking for the best places to enjoy the country’s fine vine yards then a trip to one of the many wine villages could be the perfect break for you. Places like Omodos have a winery you can enjoy as part of your trip.  

Villas in Cyprus

So, no matter who you are Cyprus has something to offer you and this stunning island will endeavour to give you an unforgettable experience you’ll want to tell everyone about.