12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go on Holiday to Cyprus

Updated 8 February 2019 | by Sian Jones

Cyprus is one of our most popular holiday destinations in Europe. A sun-kissed island in the eastern Mediterranean, what could be better! We've collected 11 reasons that'll make you think twice before heading to Cyprus on your next European adventure!


 1. Everyone seems to think Cyprus is a fantastic holiday destination.

Blue lagoon near Polis

Blue Lagoon near Polis City, Akamas peninsula nature reserve


2. Which is absolutely ludicrous...

Kyenia harbour

Kyenia Harbour, Girne


3. ...because Cyprus isn’t beautiful at all.

Kalamies beach

Kalamies Beach, Protaras


4. There’s absolutely nothing to see there.

Tomb of the kings

Tomb of the Kings, Paphos


5. And hardly any culture to immerse yourself in either.

Kourion amphitheatre

Kourion Amphiteater, Limassol


6. You can’t find anywhere to relax.

Ocean view Protaras

Oceanview Villa, Protaras


7. And a good walk might be spoiled by a stray golf ball.

Golfing in Cyprus


8. And the weather is atrocious.

Sun-bathing in Cyprus


9. There’s not a chance you’ll enjoy the food.

Grilled halloumi cheese with olives

Grilled halloumi cheese with olives and pepers


10. And you just won't be able to choose from the array of amazing local wines.

Amazing local wines


11. And if your looking to party, there's hardly any around...


12. So seriously, why would anyone want to go on holiday to Cyprus? 

Beach near Aphrodite's rock

Beach near Aphrodite's Rock, Paphos


We'll leave you to decide...