9 Of The Best Holiday Islands In Europe

Updated 13 February 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
Beautiful beach in Sardinia, Italy

Dreamy island getaways often inspire images of pristine beaches, wonderful quiant villages and incredible views of the ocean... but there are so many to choose from! From the illustrious Canaries and Balearics to the gorgeous paradises found in Greece, Europe is host to some of the worlds most adored islands. Here are 9 of the best...

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1. Crete, Greece

Crete is an island full of wonder and beauty, from its lovely beaches to its age-old architecture. Many believe it to be one of the best in Greece.

Beautiful tropical beach in Crete, Greece


2. Hvar, Croatia

Whilst small, Hvar is an island with endless charm. Prepare to be enamoured by its colourful town streets, glittering beaches and incredible views.

Hvar Island, Croatia


3. Malta

Hugely under-rated, Malta is bursting with things to see and do, whilst retaining an infectious laid-back feel. You could easily spend whole days beachside enjoying its effortless beauty.

View from Malta


4. Sardinia, Italy

Whether you want to spend your days hiking its rugged landscape, or simply enjoying it's pristine white beaches, Sardinia is a hub of natural beauty, not to be missed.

Beach in Sardinia, Italy


5. Santorini, Greece

Greece's most idyllic backdrop, Santorini is easily one of Europe's most romantic destinations. Explore its white rooftop views, working your way down its iconic cliffside towns to its glittering beaches.

Santorini, Oia, Greece


6. Madeira, Portugal

An island full of suprises, Madeira is over-flowing in character, charm and natural beauty, and is much, much more than just a beach holiday. 

Mountain in Madeira, Portugal


7. Majorca, Spain

If you're looking for that beloved Meditereanean weather, stunning beaches and a crop of fantastic holiday resorts to choose from, you've found it. Majorca is the perfect all-rounder!

Beach in Majorca, Spain


8. Capri, Italy

In the bay of Naples, Capri boasts wonderful grottos and fishing ports and post-card perfect scenery at every turn. It's a must visit!

Capri in Naples, Italy


9. Ibiza, Spain

From lively nightlife to beautiful secret beaches, Ibiza can accomodate everyone and anyone. It has a reputation for its infectious character, and we can gaurantee it will live up to it.

View in Ibiza, Spain


From the gorgeous hillside town of Capri to some of the best beaches in Majorca! Where would you choose?


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