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3 bedroom holiday villa in Crete, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

Nice villa with a fresh pool and enough sun loungers to all of us. the villa was clean, spic and span. joyous location, our holiday was perfect thanks to the bookings agent, the owner, and the cleaning staff.

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Renter: Kate
3 bedroom holiday villa in Crete, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

We first stayed in another villa but had to leave according to our schedule. As our flight was delayed, we were able to rent another villa where we could only stay for two days. Sitting in the garden by the swimming pool while the wind gently soothes you to sleep. Everyone has been able to enjoy the ultimate tranquility because there are no villas in the vicinity. our time at the villa was limited but our stay has been to our pleasure.

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Renter: Greg
3 bedroom holiday villa in Crete, Greece, with private pool
January 2020

Al llegar a la villa, el servicio de limpieza todav?a estaba ocupado, as? que fuimos a los restaurantes que no est?n muy lejos. Como refresco en la c?lida tarde, nos ba?amos en la piscina, que estaba limpia. Solo usamos la villa temprano en la ma?ana y tarde porque pasamos la mayor parte del d?a en la calle. Durante el per?odo que estuvimos en Grecia, conocimos a muchos extranjeros que tuvieron una experiencia agradable con los lugare?os que nos hicieron sentir como en casa debido a su amabilidad. Gracias al representante del propietario que nos trajo una visita para ver si todo era de nuestro agrado.

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Renter: Remo
3 bedroom villa with private pool in Crete, Greece
January 2020

As we planned our holiday we came across this beautiful villa in Crete. Totally not aware what to expect from this villa we took our chances. It all paid off. we were totally surprised by the luxurious interior, here and there a touch of classic, but nice overall. The silence of the surrounding area was in place. Just the presence of the birds that woke us to greet the day. With the children we have done as much as possible, visited places, went to the beach. As a family we spent a good time together.

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Renter: Robert
2 bedroom Rethymnon region villa to rent
January 2020

Being history teachers it was a sublime experience to visit the medieval villages,the bay of Rethymnon, the Military Museum and the two watchtowers. The cobbled streets and the withwashed houses made us feel as if we travelled back in time. We also rented a car and visited neighboring villages. The villa owner was very helpful and made us feel like family.

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Renter: Nikolay
2 bedroom Rethymnon region villa to rent
January 2020

From the balcony we had such a beautiful sea view. We took our time to enjoy it for it was there for free. the sea breeze felt so great. Fantastic villa, with the different colors that is used to spice up the house. The many flowers in the garden, the greenery around it, have unleashed a certain sentiment in me. It seemed like wanted to stay there forever.

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Renter: Alisonandpatrick

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Villas in Crete

Combine Crete’s claim to have the longest summers in the Mediterranean with its 650 miles of coastline and you’ve got the perfect beach holiday island.

White, sandy beaches, romantic coves and warm waters – whether you are looking for a beach resort complete with a lively town and amenities, such as a villa holiday in the Lasithi area, or a remote, sun-drenched patch to escape to – consider the Rethymno region – Crete will meet your needs.

Away from the beach, the landscape of Crete will take your breath away; the majestic Samaria Gorge; untamed hillsides; rugged, wild mountains. The tallest of the mountains was considered in ancient times to be the birthplace of Zeus, and the island abounds with mythological references; King Minos and the Minotaur were famous legendary residents, the maze-like Palace of Knossos.

So for ancient wonders, spectacular scenery and a beach paradise, check out our holiday villas in Crete.

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