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4 bedroom Corfu holiday villa rental with private pool
February 2020

An extremely beautiful house decorated with very expensive ornaments and a beautiful garden setting. The house itself is warm, cosy leading to a wonderful stay. We highly recommend this villa to everyone who wants to stay in the countryside. please make sure to have a car, for areas are quite a distance away. That didnt bother us. We had our swim at the lovely beach enjoying the delicious food and snacks at the nearby tavernas. We will come back just to enjoy the environment and the villa

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Renter: Jimandcarole
3 bedroom villa rental in Greek Islands, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

Before booking the villa we had our research what the reviews said about this villa. Since the reviews gave a good impression of the villa we booked at once. Our holiday was more than what we expected to receive. We had a complete well-organizied vacation with the family of which the kids had spent the best time ever on our range of holidays.

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Renter: Chris
3 bedroom villa rental in Greek Islands, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

Let me first say that the villa is surrounded by two other villas, but we never had any disturbance of the people who are residing there. We experienced complete privacy while at the swimming pool. To say something about the beach, this is a place anyone would like to be; covered by pebbles, the seawater can sometimes be rough but also beautifully smooth. the villa itself is comfortable, clean, and a lot of fresh air from the sea wind. we have enjoyed every little bit of the house. Many lovely memories to take back home.

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Renter: Maria
3 bedroom villa rental in Greek Islands, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

This villa got its name from the Kumquat fruit. a little round or oval-shaped fruit that has become very popular, for in Corfu a liquor has been produced from the juice. The house is built in modern style, furnished with taste, tide and spotless, with enough space in the front yard. We still had the beach and so much more to fill our days.

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Renter: Stuart
3 bedroom villa with private pool in Greek Islands, Greece
January 2020

Everything in this villa is in place. very cozy and positive atmosphere. We had a cleaned pool when arrived and cleaned in between our stay. We had a good time in Greece with sightseeings, visitings bars and tavernas. See you next time again in Greece.

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Renter: Christine
5 bedroom villa rental in Greek Islands, Greece, with private pool
January 2020

The name says it all. A very Gorgeous villa. The pictures are the same as on the website. The sea is very nearby that gave us an astonishing beautiful view. Watching sunrise became a morning ritual that we did not want to miss for even gold. Attached to the pool there is a small bath for toddlers that was a joy to our baby. All 10 of us have nothing else to say than only positive experiences, with the villa agent, the food, the restaurants, the surroundings, the lovely people and above all the well maintained villa. Good job and well done you all who have made our holiday a special one.

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Renter: Ann

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Villas in Greek Islands

Villa holidays in the paradisical Greek Islands are unrivalled. Think quintessential villages, white, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters - the idyllic setting of the film "Mamma Mia" may spring to mind...

Visit Corfu for a villa holiday full of traditional culture. It is one of the greenest Greek Islands, carpeted with rustic olive groves. You can wander the Venetian streets of the Old Town or get off the beaten track and discover the laid-back lifestyle of its sleepy inland villages. Or try Crete: with the longest summer in the Mediterranean and 650 miles of golden coastline it is the perfect island for a family holiday. If you want to relax, enjoy beautiful Greeek food and world renowned sunsets then rent one of our luxury villas in Santorini. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, explore the pine forests of Kefalonia that spill down its rustic mountain sides.

The Greek Islands are perfect for diving, sailing, and seeing unique wildlife such as the loggerhead turtle that finds its home in these waters. Rent a Clickstay villa in the Greek Islands for a glorious summer holiday.

Where to go in Greek Islands


One of the greenest Greek Islands carpeted with olive trees, Corfu is known for its Venetian feel. Explore the historic alleyways of Corfu Old Town, scuba dive and windsurf in the Ionian, or hike to sleepy inland villages.


Crete claims to have the longest summers in the Mediterranean and with 650 miles of golden coastline, you’ve got the perfect beach holiday island. This island is known for its mountainous, untouched landscape and fine-sand beaches.


Formed by a volcanic eruption, Santorini boasts multi-coloured cliffs, beaches with red, white and black sand as well as breath-taking views over the Aegean. Watch spectacular sunsets from the famous cliff-top whitewashed villages.


Rhodes is rich in green hills, valleys and golden beaches, whilst the romantic old town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. Holiday-makers are well catered for here with a plethora of cultural sights and activities!


One of the most glamorous islands in Greece, Mykonos is abundant with charming cafés, stylish restaurants, lively waterfronts and sun-kissed beaches. Browse art galleries, jewellery shops, or enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters.


Boasting sandy beaches, pine forest that spill down the mountainsides to the sea, and spectacular caves, Kefalonia is a popular Greek holiday island which remains unspoilt by tourism. Think great food, nature, and the famous loggerhead turtles.

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