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4 bedroom Dassia holiday villa rental with private pool
February 2020

An extremely beautiful house decorated with very expensive ornaments and a beautiful garden setting. The house itself is warm, cosy leading to a wonderful stay. We highly recommend this villa to everyone who wants to stay in the countryside. please make sure to have a car, for areas are quite a distance away. That didnt bother us. We had our swim at the lovely beach enjoying the delicious food and snacks at the nearby tavernas. We will come back just to enjoy the environment and the villa

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Renter: Jimandcarole
3 bedroom villa rental in Corfu, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

Before booking the villa we had our research what the reviews said about this villa. Since the reviews gave a good impression of the villa we booked at once. Our holiday was more than what we expected to receive. We had a complete well-organizied vacation with the family of which the kids had spent the best time ever on our range of holidays.

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Renter: Chris
3 bedroom villa rental in Corfu, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

Let me first say that the villa is surrounded by two other villas, but we never had any disturbance of the people who are residing there. We experienced complete privacy while at the swimming pool. To say something about the beach, this is a place anyone would like to be; covered by pebbles, the seawater can sometimes be rough but also beautifully smooth. the villa itself is comfortable, clean, and a lot of fresh air from the sea wind. we have enjoyed every little bit of the house. Many lovely memories to take back home.

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Renter: Maria
3 bedroom villa rental in Corfu, Greece, with private pool
February 2020

This villa got its name from the Kumquat fruit. a little round or oval-shaped fruit that has become very popular, for in Corfu a liquor has been produced from the juice. The house is built in modern style, furnished with taste, tide and spotless, with enough space in the front yard. We still had the beach and so much more to fill our days.

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Renter: Stuart
4 bedroom Dassia holiday villa rental with private pool
February 2020

beautiful villa from both inside and outside. In sunny weather, we could all be found packed outside with plenty of drinks and snacks in our lazy chair or hammock, enjoying the silence around us. It can be said that the service of the company is optimal because we received clean bed linen and bath towels, the house is cleaned, something we highly appreciated. We are considering returning to this villa again. It was all right

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Renter: Eva
5 bedroom villa rental in Corfu, Greece, with private pool
January 2020

The name says it all. A very Gorgeous villa. The pictures are the same as on the website. The sea is very nearby that gave us an astonishing beautiful view. Watching sunrise became a morning ritual that we did not want to miss for even gold. Attached to the pool there is a small bath for toddlers that was a joy to our baby. All 10 of us have nothing else to say than only positive experiences, with the villa agent, the food, the restaurants, the surroundings, the lovely people and above all the well maintained villa. Good job and well done you all who have made our holiday a special one.

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Renter: Ann

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One of the greenest islands in Greece, carpeted with olive trees, Corfu is known for its cosmopolitan, Venetian-influenced feel.

Corfu’s beaches are amongst the finest in Greece. Most have at least a couple of waterside cafes and other facilities; some, such as at Roda, have fine sand and shallow waters, perfect for families with young children. Other beaches, such as Acharavi or Dassia, are brilliant for enjoying windsurfing, scuba diving and other water sports in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian.

Aside from the beaches, you can explore the historic streets of Corfu Old Town; its fortress, palace, fine museums and waterside tavernas. Discover the beautiful and rugged inland; hike to sleepy villages, ancient castles or monasteries, or go horse-riding through semi-wild olive groves. Easy to get to, Corfu is the closest Greek island to Britain, so check out our villas to rent in Corfu for your next adventure in Greece.

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We've got a wonderful new addition to our Clickstay On Tour series today, featuring Rosie, our resident Content Writer. She graciously accepted our invitation to be interviewed, and once wrestled away from her keyboard gave us some great insights into the wonderful adventure that is Corfu, enjoy!