Clickstay On Tour: Rosie In Corfu

Updated 27 February 2019 | by Nakita Mason

We've got a wonderful new addition to our Clickstay On Tour series today, featuring Rosie, our resident Content Writer. She graciously accepted our invitation to be interviewed, and once wrestled away from her keyboard gave us some great insights into the wonderful adventure that is Corfu, enjoy!  

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1: Where abouts did you stay In Corfu?

"I stayed in a small fishing village in the mountains called Agios Stefanos Sinies on the north east coast of the island (not to be confused with Agios Stefanos Avliotes on the north west coast!)"

2: Who did you go with?

"I went with my mum who is a Greek Cypriot and Greece is one of our favourite holiday destinations, but we hadn’t been to Agios Stefanos before."

3: How long did you stay for? 

"We stayed for a week which I think was long enough to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday."

4: What were some of the most memorable things you did out there?

"Hiring a boat and stopping off at the different beaches. I really liked Avlaki beach (37 km to the north of Corfu Town) which seemed to be a favourite with the locals."

5: Did you manage to visit any tourist hotspots?

"We visited the ruins of Kassiopi Castle which sits on a hill overlooking the seafront. From the top, you can get an excellent view of the town and harbour."

Corfu beach

6: Any good holiday reading recommendations?

"I finished reading ‘Jaguars Ripped my Flesh’ which is about travel journalist Tim Cahill and his daredevil adventures. I also bought Coffee Shop University by Mario Kfoury from a supermarket in Kassiopi, which was maybe a bit too philosophical and heavy for a holiday read!"

7: What was your favourite part of the holiday?

"I enjoyed exploring the region by car and the beaches and coves were great; the water is very clear as they are mostly white pebble beaches. I’d recommend getting some sea shoes though!"

8: Did you do any activities?

"They were mainly beach-based, but I really enjoyed paddle boarding for the first time and also kayaking. I also went on a few coastal walks."

corfu beach

9: Did you learn any of the language?

"I already knew some Greek through my mum, although I did learn that babira is the word for duck. There were a lot of ducks and geese in the village wandering around!"

10: What would you recommend to other people thinking of visiting Corfu?

"Corfu is a beautiful island, especially if you’re after a relaxing beach holiday. If you’re visiting Agios Stefanos I’d definitely recommend hiring a car, as there are hardly any taxis around. A boat is also a great way to experience the coast. I’d also recommend trying the seafood linguine and lamb kleftiko!"

11: Would you go again?

"I would definitely go again!"

Corfu beach and houses

12: What type of holiday do you think Corfu is especially good for? Groups? Couples?

"I’d recommend this part of the island to families and couples looking for a low-key holiday by the coast, as it is a quieter side to Corfu."

13: Any last revelations for us?

"Yes – travelling back to London will make you miss that fresh sea breeze for sure!"

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Well, you heard it here first, Corfu is ruddy brilliant and we've got plenty of great villas in Corfu there to tickle your fancy, so what are you waiting for?