8 Best Places For Surfing Holidays

Updated 14 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
Bali Beach, Indonesia

From Australia to the southern coasts of England, where there is a wave, there will be surfers. If you're looking for somewhere with consistent waves, brilliant sunshine, great town life and that infectious surf culture we all love, then you've come to the right place. Family surf holidays are perfect for summer getaways, so here are eight of our favourite surf spots from all over the world...


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1. Byron Bay, Australia

If you want to surf in an area with an infectious laid-back atmosphere, fantastic town-life and great wave options for all abilities, then Byron Bay is for you. There are plenty of surf camps and schools for youngsters eager to get out and learn more about the sport, whilst the town offers an array of beach cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy in the meantime.


2. Hossegor, France

Considered to be the 'surfing capital of Europe', Hossegor, on the coast of Aquitaine, leads into the wonderful Atlantic, with plenty of the worlds biggest surf competitions taking place here. Expect a powerful reef break and beaches with sharp coral - this a place for the experienced.


3. Bali, Indonesia

The waves of Asia's surf capital depend on the time you visit, with the summer season providing 3-12 feet sweels, whilst the rest of the year can range from 2 to 8, perfect for young surfers with experience. Like Byron, you can find plenty of fantastic little schools to get you started, surrounded by brilliant community of locals who are some of the most welcoming you will come across.


4. San Sebastian, Spain

Spain's cultural capital is becoming one of its most popular cities, with a rich historical heritage along with a vibrant cityscape. Here, you can find many allures in and out of the water, but it's surfing bays really are stunning. It emits the laid back atmosphere that so commonly comes with surfing locations, which simply adds to its existing charm - great for all levels of experience!


5. Bondoran Dunegal, Ireland

Whilst you may find the waters to be much colder here, the surf fanatics will still get a real kick out of the fantastic waves here. Bondoran offers a wide coast that hosts some huge waves in the 10-foot range, earning it a real reputation amongst surfers in Europe.


6. The Bubble, Fuerteventura

Fuertaventura's coastal resorts are tailored for families looking for sun-filled holidays to Spain, but its waves have drawn surfers from all over Europe. With ideal weathering conditions, you can surf in the sunshine at the Bubble, Rocky Point or El Hierro. 


7. Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Known as surf central amongst the British, Cornwall is known for its addictive laid-back attitude and beach-life. With fantastic beaches for families, head to Fistral Bay or Watergate for great surf opportunities where the waves can range from 30 centimeters to 3 meters.


8. Lagos, Portugal

With it's coastline over 800kms long, Portugal has always had a strong surf culture. Lagos especially offers a brilliant coastal town, with plenty of great beaches, restaurants and cafe's for families to explore, as well as providing ideal conditions for surfing at its beaches. This is a surf family all-rounder!


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