15 Things You Might Not Know About Croatia

Croatia - that strange-shaped country in the shadow of Italy's boot - definitely shouldn't be overlooked. It has all the typical features of the Med - the balmy weather, ancient walled towns, and sapphire seas - but its stunning natural beauty and quirky culture is guaranteed to knock your socks off. We've made a list of things you might not know about Croatia...

14 Reasons Why Slovenia is Perfect For Your Next Adventure

“Where even is Slovenia?!” I hear you ask. And I don’t blame you, because it is not particularly well-known as a holiday destination. It’s a small country sandwiched between Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary, with some incredible natural landscapes and a welcoming rustic charm. In my opinion, it hasn't been given its just deserts. So here are Clickstay’s 14 reasons why Slovenia must be your next holiday destination.