10 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Coral Bay

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades
10 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Coral Bay
Photo by: Kekyalyaynen


Cyprus holidays continue to seduce holiday-makers every year, guaranteeing sun-filled days by white sand beaches and plenty of strips and old towns offering brilliant food, drink and culture. If you are considering a holiday to Cyprus, many may argue that there is no better resort than in Paphos. Located on the southwest point of the island, Paphos is a city full of rich history and rural scenery, with Coral Bay resort proving itself as its cultural hub for tourists seeking sea and sunshine. With some of the best beaches in Cyprus on offer, along with the irresistible Paphos weather, you can't go wrong - here are 10 photos to prove it...


1. Spend your days on a blue flag beach in Coral Bay and Peyia...

From Agios Georgios in Peyia to Coral Bay beach itself, you'll be spoilt for choice in Paphos!

Beach at Coral Bay, Peyia, Paphos, Cyprus


2.Try out some of the best water sports on offer!

Cyprus is renowned for its water sports and they certainly don't fall short at Coral Bay.

Water sports in Cyprus


3. Explore some of Cyprus' finest craftsmanship...

Find pottery, jewellry, paintings and more on the famous Coral Bay Avenue.

Markets in Cyprus


4. Visit the famous Petra tou Romiou, the birthplace of Aphrodite... 

Just a short trip away from the resort, you can find Petra tou Romiou, a fantastic little beach that offers a brilliant view of the coast.

Petra tou Romeio in Paphos, Cyprus


5. Taste the finest Mediterranean flavours with a Greek Meze!

You can try and resist, but it won't last long. From seafood, to meat, to Greek salads and dips, you MUST try a Meze.

Greek Meze in Cyprus


7. If you visit the beach, make sure you stick around for the sunset...

Nothing beats watching the sun shine its final rays across the ocean after a wonderful day at the beach.

Sunset in Paphos, Cyprus


8. Enjoy evening food and drinks on Coral Bay's brilliant strip...

Coral Bay offers a procession of cocktail bars and restaurants lined up on the strip, perfect for evening entertainment.

Cocktails in Cyprus


9. Escape the beach to the marketplaces in search of special treats...

The old town has a covered market every weekend, perfect for discovering detailed souvenirs, from leather goods to hand-made accessories.

Trinkets in the Market, Cyprus


10. Spend a day snorkelling at Blue Lagoon in Latchi, you won't regret it...

Set sail from Latchi harbour and venture across the Akamas peninsula to discover some of the most fascinating blue waters in Cyprus.

Laguna Blu/Blue Lagoon in Paphos Cyprus
Photo by: Kekyalyaynen


10. Stay in your dream villa in Coral Bay, with a private pool and outdoor terrace...

Enjoy all of the above from your own holiday home!

Villa in Coral Bay, Paphos, Cyprus


If beaches, culture and good food are on your checklist, Coral Bay is perfect for you!