Why Choose Portugal For A Cycling Tour?

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

Why indeed? Well, we decided to cut to the chase and ask an avid cyclist and Portugal local, Huw Thomas. Huw is the founder of Pedal Portugal, a business that not only provides guided cycling tours for small groups in Portugal, but also offers a website loaded with free advice on cycling in the country too. This is what Huw had to say:  

"Riders on our cycle tours love Portugal for a variety of reasons - the beautiful landscapes, the picturesque villages and historic towns, the friendly people and the quiet roads. And that’s just the start, there’s also spectacular hilltop castles, ruined fortresses, ancient abbeys and other historic sites all over the country. Not to mention the great opportunity to try out the local food and wine too!

Portugal is also a very economic destination - you can stay in some wonderful locations and eat and drink extremely well but pay much less for the experience than in many other countries.”

-Huw Thomas, Pedal Portugal

The Landscape

Portugal scenery with biking woman

Portugal has many strings to its bow and none so impressive as its landscape. From rolling hills to beautiful rivers and idyllic villages and towns, it’s hard not to fall in love with Portugal’s inherent beauty.

This head-turning trait of Portugal’s landscape make it an ideal place to take a cycling tour. Whether you want the iconic coastline or to enjoy backdrops of castles, rivers and quiet roads, Portugal truly has it all. The weather is also a big pull for cyclists and often it’s better to go out of season, as many will find July and August too hot for serious cycling. 

The Wildlife

example of Portugal wildlife

Anyone who enjoys cycling relishes the sights they get along the way and none are so rewarding as the glimpses of wildlife you’re treated to as you pedal onward towards your goal.

Depending on where you go in Portugal, the wildlife can be extremely diverse and very special to see. Stork’s nests, for example, are a fairly common sight, as are wild goats, deer, foxes and hares.

If you’re especially lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the common genet and even the beautiful bee-eater bird.

Trust us, in Portugal it’s best to keep your eyes open, because you never know what might slink past!

You Can Have Excellent Guided Tours

Portugal terrain

There are so many wonderful guided tours in Portugal that you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. No matter what distance or what kind of terrain you’re after you’ll find something that suits you, aided by tour guides who are very experienced and just as enthusiastic as you are to get out on the open road!

Whether it’s a custom tour or a well-trodden tour of the Algarve coast and country, there’s a guided tour to suit everyone, and you can find out about all the options at Pedal Portugal.

With guided tours, recommended routes and top tips for anyone thinking of cycling in Portugal, Pedal Portugal are ideal for anyone interested in a high calibre cycling tour.

Food & Culture

Portugal food and wine

A cycling tour in Portugal isn’t complete without stopping off to enjoy some good food and take a wander around the array of towns, fishing villages and beaches. Good guided tours always incorporate such stop offs to get your energy levels back up and it also allows you to get a taste of Portugal at a slower pace.

From moreish meals to languorous beach days or a stroll through a museum, these interludes are some of the most rewarding elements of a cycling tour and in Portugal, you’re never disappointed with what you discover.

Terrain For All Levels Of Cyclist

Beautiful Portugal sunset

Portugal has some of the most diverse terrain imaginable and allows for all levels of cyclist, from the gentle peddlers to the ones who fear no hill!

From undulating hills and dramatic climbs to the gentle winding routes, Portugal allows you to enjoy cycling on your own terms and with a guided tour especially, all the details of the route are laid bare, so you can decide before you commit!

And of course, make sure to book your villa in Portugal well in advance to get the best selection!