Where’s Hot In September?

Updated 18 September 2019 | by Nakita Mason

Fear not, just because August is well underway, doesn't mean your holiday opportunities are over. September is a great time of year for a holiday, espeically with some of the most popular destinations still enjoying fabulous temperatures and luckily for you, we can tell you the best places to go on holiday in September.

Location  Average September Temperature
Spain 26°C reaching highs of 29°C
Turkey 23°C reaching highs of 28°C
Italy 15°C reaching highs of 27°C
Greece 19°C reaching highs of 29ºC
Mexico  23°C reaching highs of 33ºC
Caribbean 27°C reaching highs of 31°C
Croatia 20°C reaching highs of 24°C

Is Spain a good place to visit in September? 

sunny port in Spain

In short, yes! With Spain being easily the most popular holiday destination possibly of anywhere, it’s little wonder that arriving there in the peak season is often a little crowded. The beauty of going in September however is you’ll find far fewer tourists and plenty of sunshine. Unsurprisingly things get milder the further north you go, but typically you can enjoy temperatures of 26°C all the way up to 29°C, which is more than necessary for enjoying a day at the beach!

Is Turkey a good place to visit in September? 

Hadrian's Gate old town Kaleici district, Turkey

Turkey is another location that benefits from fewer tourists in September and certainly still enjoys amazingly warm weather ranging from 23°C to 28°C depending on where you go.  The amount of rain during this month is relatively low and the sea temperature Is also decent at 25°C so there’s still plenty of head-turning qualities for a September jaunt to Turkey!

Is Italy a good place to visit in September? 

 coffee in a cafe with view on Vesuvius mount in Naples, Campania, Southern Italy

Italy can sometimes be one of the colder places to visit in September, especially in the northern and central locations that can get as low as 15°C, but that’s not to say it’s time to dig out the snow boots! With temperatures reaching the dazzling highs of  27°C there’s still plenty of warmth to enjoy! Quieter days at the one of the many beaches are more than realistic and September is also particularly good for food festivals as it’s harvest season, so foodies will get a particular treat when you visit!

Is Greece a good place to visit in September? 

Beautiful Oia town on Santorini island, Greece. Traditional white architecture and greek orthodox churches with blue domes over the Caldera, Aegean sea

Greece is wonderful in September with temperatures going from the pleasantly warm 19°C and climbing happily to highs of 29°C! The sea is also inviting at 25ºC and again, you get to enjoy the beauty, food, various festivals (and dare we say it, stunning holiday villas) in what is generally a slightly quieter month in terms of tourists.

Is Mexico a good place to visit in September? 

View of the colorful city of Guanajuato in Mexico

Mexico is a great location for those sun followers, with highs getting up to a whacking 33ºC in some regions and the lows being a modest 23°C. True, September falls within the rainy season, but storms are usually short and spectacular so not something to be off put by. September is also, however, right in the middle of hurricane season too, so it always strongly advisable to check the forecast and heed weather warnings when booking trips. That aside, Mexico makes for a wonderful holiday and September can be a fantastic time to try it out!

Is the Caribbean a good place to visit in September? 

Coconut palm trees against colorful sunset

The Caribbean is another fantastic location for some September sun. The temperatures can reach a whopping 31°C and it is typically much quieter too, meaning you can enjoy the beauty and laid-back ambience without having to put up with the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It tends to be a cheaper time of year in terms of accommodation too, depending on where you go, so it can sometimes be well worth holding off booking in the peak season. Lastly, it’s also a location that at times is at the mercy of hurricanes during September, so again, it’s always strongly advised to heed all weather warnings and check before you travel.

Is Croatia a good place to visit in September? 

lake in forest of Croatia

Croatia is a delight in September, it’s quieter, the sea is beautifully warm, and the temperature is great with a range from 20°C to 24°C meaning it’s hot without being unbearable. With more modest temperatures, you’ll feel more inclined to explore the sights as well as enjoy the many festivals that typically occur in September such as the excellent Outlook Festival as well as the World Theatre Festival. It’s also generally a cheaper time of month all round, from flights to accommodation, so all in all, not a bad shout for some September sun!

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