Summer 2020 Survey Data

Updated 22 May 2020 | by Thomas Hughes

Study Overview

Clickstay spoke with 681 holidaymakers in their database. The questions below are designed to assess :

- Holidaymakers' confidence in travelling abroad this summer;

- The impact of floated government measures such as a two week quarantine when returning from abroad; and

- The potential impact of Coronavirus on UK "staycation" destinations. 


How confident are you of being able to go on holiday abroad this summer? 

Analysis: "It looks as though the British public are very pessimistic about their chances of going away this summer, with a meagre 13% retaining hope. This is likely because of recent noise from government officials, such as Matt Hancock, who said holidays abroad would be cancelled. This would be a devastating blow to the travel sector."


If the government imposed a two week quarantine rule when returning from holidays abroad, how likely would you be to go on holiday abroad?


Analysis: "One of the suggestions on the table is to allow people to go on holiday abroad and force them to quarantine for two weeks when they return. However based on this sample, it looks like this would deter the vast majority of holidaymakers. Of course, with working from home becoming the new standard for many of us, a two week quarantine might be relatively easily achievable, and it looks like some people would be willing to make that sacrifice for their summer sun." 



How likely would you be to ignore the two week quarantine when returning from holiday abroad? 

Analysis: "11% of respondents admit they would flout the two week quarantine rule when returning home from a holiday abroad. This could have potentially deadly consequences if holidaymakers return with the virus and begin to spread."



If the government advises against foreign travel this summer, how likely would you be to book a holiday in the UK instead? 

Analysis: "More than half of holidaymakers who usually go abroad are likely to book a holiday in the UK instead. This is going to have massive ramifications. While the UK staycation market will benefit massively, it could lead to hotspots becoming overrun and endangering local residents."



If you had to have your holiday in the UK this summer, where would you go? 


Analysis: "A staggering 19% respondents said they planned to go to Cornwall if holidays abroad are cancelled. The area's infrastructure will be unable to cope with such an influx, likely resulting in some form of travel restructions. Devon, Dorset, and Somerset were also extremely popular, which will compound the issue. The other flash point will be Scotland, where 21% of holidaymakers said they planned to go, despite Scotland's current travel restrictions".



If you were going on holiday in the UK, how would you get there? 

Analysis: "Unsuprisingly the vast majority will eschew public transport for cars to limit their exposure to coronavirus. Sadly lack of access to a car may well be a barrier for many who want to holiday in the UK, as they would rather not take the risk." 


What type of accomodation would you stay in if you were to go on holiday in the UK? 

Analysis: "While the UK staycation market is set to benefit, it looks like hotels will miss out, with respondents favouring private holiday rentals instead. This makes sense as it is much easier to limit exposure in a holiday rental than it is staying in a building with other people. While some hotels may try to open and introduce measures such as perspex glass in the dining room, it would be difficult to control the virus in such an environment" 



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