Positively Jessica Ward on beating bullies and living life to the full

Updated 15 March 2019 | by Leanne Capuano

Jessica of Positively Jessica Ward

Jessica of Positively Jessica Ward tells us all about her blog that aims to show people how to turn all those negative thoughts, we all feel throughout the day into positive outcomes and how her experiences have led her to lead a life of exercise, travel and healthy eating. She tells us all about this upbeat area of the internet and how you could live a life similar to hers, whether you're on the road or just in your front room, she offers advice to suit everyone. 

  1. Tell me a little about Positively Jessica Ward?

Positively Jessica Ward was produced on the foundation of transforming negative thoughts into positive outcomes, no matter how difficult the situation may seem. After struggling with bullying at school and college, one day I finally woke up and realised I needed to make a change. I needed to stand up to those people that made me feel isolated and I needed to gain some confidence, gain some strength and I needed to smile again.

Positively Jessica Ward is the space on the internet to zone out from the outside world, embrace the current moment and read something that is uplifting and positive but not forgetting, this space on the internet is real. I want to inspire, I want to make people smile and I want to help people. Nobody deserves to be miserable, nobody deserves to feel isolated and nobody deserves to be scared. Life is too short and people shouldn’t have control of you. I stepped out of my comfort zone in order to leave that dark place behind me and that was when I created Positively Jessica Ward; a base for all things positive.

  1. What made you want to start the blog?    

In 2012, I created a blog to capture memories for the future. It was my space of the internet which was used as an escape mechanism from the outside world. When I was at school I was bullied and this affected my confidence and health and it made a huge impact on my social life and acceptance as a person.

At that time, I accepted the negative comments and started to believe that they were true. I was in a very dark place, however, despite this, I continued to radiate positivity and I focused on making other people happy. I did this because I was suffering from depression and I didn’t want people to know.

In 2014, I gained confidence, I gained some strength and I smiled again all through changing my mindset, eating habits, approach to fitness and I travelled more – (I ate more nutrient dense foods, I did exercise to help me unwind, I created a gratitude list and I explored new areas of the globe to appreciate my surroundings).

I now have a balanced approach to health, fitness, wellbeing and food and I am very happy. I have discovered that our flaws make us unique, they shape us and define us. Have faith and embrace the process to progression, not perfection.

  1. What has been your favourite post, since starting the blog? 

I absolutely love food, fitness and wellbeing and all of the components work together perfectly to create the concept of “balance”. Since beginning my blog I have managed to collaborate with some amazing brands and I am so grateful for these opportunities. My favourite blog posts have been the travel themed ones I have produced: travel is my passion, it ignites a flame within my heart and it makes me happy and excited about life.

I couldn’t pick just one, however, I have selected my top three favourites combining: fitness, wellbeing and food.

The Three Things I learnt When I Was In Rome

Jessica Explores Singapore – Part 2 – Foodie Adventures

Travel & Fitness in Singapore

Positively Jessica Ward in Singapore

  1. What has been your favourite destination you’ve visited? 

Singapore! However, every single place I have visited has taught me new things and it has developed me as a person. Singapore is perfect for the fashion lover, travel lover, foodie lover, fitness lover, business lover, language lover, nature lover and it ticks the boxes for me. Singapore is an incredible destination and everyone should try and visit there at least once. It is a bucket list priority!

  1. Why do you think it’s important to travel? 

Travelling and exploring new places is not only exciting but it is also enriching for our souls. Escaping our current situation and delving into something new is something we should all do in order to appreciate our surroundings. Travelling abroad allows us to appreciate the world and it opens our eyes to view the impossible.

Food - Try new foods and step out of your comfort zone. For me, food is a huge aspect of my holiday's and I love to try new foods, especially local delicacies! Get yourself to the local markets and fresh bakeries, try the flavours from your holiday destination.

People - Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure we always encounter new people. Even if that is people watching in the street. Experiencing how different people travel, smile and express their emotions makes an impact on how we view individuals.

Language - The diversity of languages across the globe is breathtaking. Learning languages is an amazing skill to gain! Learning different languages also educates you on the culture of the place, it shows you how much love and attention goes into communicating and how they take pride in their communication methods.

Relax - Sometimes, the primary reason we want to get away is to relax and unwind away from distractions and our problems. Taking time out is crucial to help with our mindset and to help us re-evaluate our current status and our future goals.

  1. You’ve worked with Clickstay before, if you could stay in one of our villas for a week where would you go?

This is a huge decision to have to make! After browsing the website several times and discovering all of the different destinations; choosing one is very difficult as I would like to tick a few of the destinations off my list. However, I have selected this villa in Australia – I am travelling to Australia this year and this would be the perfect location for me to pursue my ambition of travel writing. The holiday home is situated on the gorgeous Moana Beach for lazy days beside the sea, as well as offering the tranquil nature and greenery that surrounds. It ticks all the boxes! Not forgetting, it comes fully equipped with a BBQ, this is the perfect foodie essential.

The life of Positively Jessica Ward
Photo taken by Matthew Herrington
  1. What do you have planned for the future of Positively Jessica Ward? 

I will continue to spread my positive ethos and this ethos will grow with me as a person, new branches will be added to my ever-growing brand and I will continue to stay honest, focused and grateful. I want to feature more travel orientated posts on my blog and explore more places of the globe. I want people to view the world through my eyes and see how I engage with the world around us. I want to make a travel-themed area on my blog so all travel posts are categorised in one area! I cannot wait for the future.

  1. What advice would you give people who want to travel, while staying fit and healthy?  

Be prepared, stay hydrated, embrace your surroundings and don’t feel guilty for adopting ‘change’. When we go away sometimes we don’t have control over the foods we eat or the way in which we exercise. Don’t put too much stress on yourself to keep up with your goals and ambitions, holidays are sometimes the opportunity to relax. However, you can be prepared! Pack your favourite tea bags, pack some sachets of peanut butter for a quick energy-packed snack, pack some trail mix and pack some oats in a sealable bag so you have breakfast ready. For the majority, of my stay in Singapore (10 days) I didn’t lift one single dumbbell! I tried to be active through site seeing; so instead of taking the bus or MRT I would walk an extra mile; stay hydrated, have a fan, an umbrella for a form of shade and a flannel – to wipe away perspiration! I walked a lot whilst in Singapore and I believe that walking is an underrated form of cardio.

If you do want to engage in some fitness whilst you are away, research local gyms and fitness classes near your destination and get booked in, you never know who you might meet and you may learn something new! Embrace the new foods, embrace a new way of keeping fit and appreciate the time you have away. It will make you stronger so you can return home ready to tackle your goals.

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