Interview: Nutritionista Natalie Glaze Talks About Food, Travel and Yoga

Updated 15 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
Interview: Nutritionista Natalie Glaze Talks About Food, Travel and Yoga

In her fantastic blog the Nutritionista, Natalie Glaze combines her passion for travel, health, and her love for great breakfasts. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous holiday retreatsmouth-watering food, and her favourite health products. Here, in her interview with Clickstay, she spills on her top holiday destinations, food spots and her travel bucket list…


1. We’ve loved reading up on both your food advice and you’re travelling experiences! Can you describe how your blog came about?

Thanks! Well I started writing my blog around two years ago now. I have always loved photography and writing therefore blogging was the natural progression for me. I was working in media and had just finished a course at the college of naturopathic medicine. I was experimenting with healthy baking a lot so I decided to bring together all of these interests into one place. So the Nutritionista was born.


2. How did the Nutritionista develop from food, to lifestyle and travel?

As with all bloggers when I started my blog I had no clear idea where it was heading or what my long terms plans were with it. I knew I liked food and eating out (especially breakfast) so food at first was a natural choice for me. However as my blog progressed I have found myself becoming more and more lifestyle-esque in my style. I love food however there are so many other elements of my life I wanted to blog about. With this new lifestyle angle came the travel blogging which started off as mainly health and fitness retreats and has now expanded into travel in general. I love travelling and being able to explore the world as part of my blog makes it even more enjoyable.


3. Where has been your favourite travel destination and why?

It’s always hard choosing a favourite destination as they are all so unique and different in their own way. However I would have to say Ibiza is my favourite place ever. There is something about the island that makes me fall in love with it every time I visit. I think a lot of people have a view of Ibiza as simply a party island There are large aspects of this that are apparent here, but it has so much more than just that. The health and wellness scene is huge and it’s a really magical place. Each time I go I contemplate packing up London life and spending my days hiking around the island doing yoga and sunbathing…It’s very tempting! See our villas and apartments in Ibiza.


4. In which destination have you experienced the best food, and do you have any recommendations for our readers?

My favourite place for food has to be Paris, if I want a truly indulgent weekend of food Paris is always number one on my list. In no way do I mean healthy because the wine, pastries and steak is just too good to be healthy, ha! My favourite restaurant there is Ralph Lauren's Cafe. It has the most beautiful outdoor terrace, perfect for a lazy lunch in the sunshine. If you do fancy experiencing Paris in a slightly healthier way, then Bobs juice bar does a great selection of healthy dishes and juices! See our villas and apartments in Paris.


5. What are the top three destinations on your travel bucket list and why?

Hardest choices just picking three, there are so many places I would love to go to but it would have to be... Bali, Santorini and America.

Bali just because….I can’t put it into words but I have always dreamed of going here it looks breathtakingly beautiful and has been number one on my list forever. Santorini because I have heard the most amazing things about this beautiful white island. Everyone who goes here falls in love with this place, the views, and the houses – oh, and I love Greek food so I would be in food heaven too! Then America. Predictable, I know, but I can’t believe I still haven’t been! I want to go hiking in LA, go to Coachella, visit New York, the list goes on. 

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6. If you had to move to another city, which would it be and why?

This is impossible to answer because I haven’t visited every city…but out of where I have visited so far, probably Paris. I love nothing more than sitting in my favourite cafe Cafe Du Trocadero sipping on coffee surrounded by locals pretending I am Parisian. I would love to one day own an apartment here.


7. We noticed that you recently visited Morocco, and stayed at Palais Namaskar. What was your favourite thing about your trip?

Yes I did indeed, Palais Namaskar is honestly the best hotel I have ever stayed in. Breathtakingly beautiful, amazing food, fantastic service and rooms. The list goes on it was honestly faultless and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an indulgent stay in pure paradise - this hotel is for you. I loved my trip to Morocco, and Palais Namaskar was definitely the highlight although my day hiking around the Atlas Mountains was pretty high up there too. 

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8. Your trip to the Buena Vista Surf Club looked like such an incredible retreat. If you could choose between an active trip into natural surroundings or a luxury and tranquil experience, like your stay in Morocco, which would you decide on and why?

I think for me the best trips combine the two, I loved the luxury and tranquillity or Morocco however I always try and combine an active element into all of my trips. The best of both worlds, an active trip which contains lots of hiking/workouts but also had an element of luxury. That’s the dream for me. Many fitness retreats now offer the most beautiful accommodation as well as the physical side.



9. You’re very much into keeping healthy and staying in shape, featuring in magazines such as WomensHealth, and practising yoga when abroad. How did your passion for these things develop, and have they become an important part of your travelling experiences?

I have always been active. As a child it was through horse riding and dancing, then as I got older I discovered the gym and working out. I love keeping fit and active and the feeling I get post-workout provides me with the best way to switch off. Life is so busy that my workout is my way of chilling out. I always incorporate fitness and keeping healthy when I am travelling. Even if it’s just bringing my trainers and going for runs whilst I am away. My favourite travels are those which combine travel and exercise. I recently went to Ibiza with Carte Blanche Body Balance where I practised yoga every day, went hiking and walking and ate super healthy food. Before that was Morocco where I trained in Palais Namaskars gym with their trainer, but I also indulged with the desserts and cocktail menus. It’s important for me to try and keep active whilst travelling but also enjoy myself.


10.   How would you describe your perfect Clickstay holiday?

My perfect Clickstay holiday would be to one of the beautiful Thailand villas. I would take my closest friends with me for a week of sunshine and luxury. The villas are all so beautiful but I would probably pick this one in Koh Samui

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