Top 5 Garden Features for Ultimate Relaxation

Updated 9 September 2015 | by Felicity Brown
Top 5 Garden Features for Ultimate Relaxation
Sometimes a dream holiday simply consists of relaxing in a beautiful garden with a good book and a glass of wine. So, we've chosen our 5 favourite properties with relaxing garden features - from hammocks to hanging beds to... face-shaped chairs.
Rhodes, Greece

1. This hanging bed

Location: Rhodes, Greek Islands Sleeps: 13 Price from: £1,096 per week     hammock - Ibiza

2. This enormous hammock

Location: Ibiza, Spain Sleeps: 4 Price from: £626 per week     Harvest Moon - Tuscany

3. This hammock with a dreamy view of rolling hills

Location: Siena, Tuscany Sleeps: 20 Price from: £2,712 per week     hanging bed - rhodes, greece

4. This hanging bed and al fresco dining area

Location: Rhodes, Greek Islands Sleeps: 7 Price from: £141 per week     France -face chair

5. This face-chair...

Location: Pays-de-la-Loire, France Sleeps: 4 Price from: £466 per week