Stuck in the UK? 10 films to help you imagine you're on holiday!

Updated 20 March 2020 | by Will Bradley


The coronavirus pandemic has seen up to 75% of international flights cancelled, holiday plans gone awry and in some unfortunate cases, lockdown in a hotel abroad before being unceremoniously flown back to the familiar grey skies of the UK.

While staying indoors seems to be the official advice, for now, we can but dream of the sun, sea and sand of the stereotypical holiday abroad – and what better way to activate the imagination than to get lost in the world of film?

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of 10 films which can help you to imagine you’re on holiday – so break out the popcorn, log in to your favourite streaming service and get comfy with these blockbusters:


1) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Struggling musician Peter (played by Jason Segel) gets ditched by his long-term TV star girlfriend. To escape the memories of his former partner, Peter decides to take a holiday at an exclusive resort in breathtaking Hawaii – only to find his ex and her new beau (Russell Brand essentially playing himself) had similar plans! If you enjoy the all-inclusive luxury beach resort vibe, then this will definitely do it for you.


2) The Beach

When people are panic-buying toilet paper and pasta, what better way to break free from the panic than to find your own idyllic island in Thailand to share with like-minded individuals? This is perfect for those who like beaches, rainforest, a touch of psychotic adventure on their time off.


3) Mamma Mia

Here we go again! Set in the simply gorgeous scenery of the island of Skopelos, Donna (Meryl Streep) prepares for her daughter’s wedding with the help of Colin Firth and Piers Brosnan. Ideal for anyone dreaming of a romantic villa break in the Greek islands.


4) Fool’s Gold

Remember when Matthew McConaughey wasn’t so serious? This light-hearted archeology-themed romcom was filmed off the coast of Australia. If you like sun, sea and boats then this will probably do it for you.


5) Jaws

This jarring tale of shark-infested waters is sure to make anybody who has had to cancel a beach holiday feel slightly better. However the beautiful scenes of Cape Cod are bound to give you that ‘on holiday’ feel (sharks aside!)


6) Dirty Dancing

With just a summer between her and the Peace Corps, Baby (Jennifer Grey) just wants to enjoy the last of her youth in an idyllic mountain lodge retreat in Virginia, USA. If rural resorts with dodgy salsa instructors sound like your ideal way to unwind, then settle down to this absolute classic.

7) Shirley Valentine

Trapped in a world of domestic chores, Liverpool housewife Shirley needs a change - and an invite to a Greek island provides just the opportunity. While Shirley wouldn’t have been able to accept said invite if the film were set in today’s travel-restricted world, we can fantasise for a moment swapping the dreary UK for the beautiful Mykonos.


8) The Inbetweeners Movie

Four awkward teenagers on a lads holiday in Magaluf - what could go wrong? This film perfectly captures the vibe of the party capital for young Brits on holiday.


9) Cast Away

While coronavirus might see many of us willingly going into self-isolation, Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway had no choice. After a plane crash sees him washed up on a desert island in Fiji, he must learn to survive on his own initiative, with nobody for company but his volleyball, Wilson.


10) Swiss Family Robinson

In another shipwreck tale, the Robinson family attempt to flee the reign of Napoleon only to end up taking refuge on a desert island. The family then learns to live in the wild, enjoy island adventures and even build a treehouse - all in the idyllic landscapes of Tobago. Perfect escapism (and also some takeaways on how to survive lockdown with the family). Swiss Family Robinson



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