Interview: MillieGoes Talks Travel, Bucket Lists and Perfect Holidays!

Updated 28 March 2019 | by Sian Jones
Interview: MillieGoes Talks Travel, Bucket Lists and Perfect Holidays!

We recently had the chance to quiz Millie from MillieGoes! On her fantastic travel blog, Millie shares travel stories, tips and advice amongst many amazing photographs of her experiences. We got the low-down from Millie on the background behind the blog, her favourite places and where's next on the list!


1. Hi Millie, your travel blog Milliegoes shows that you love all types of travelling from backpacker to luxury. What made you start writing a blog about your experiences?

Over the past three years, I have gone from only ever wanting to stay in 5* luxury resorts with clearly scheduled itineraries to loving the nitty gritty adventure travel, where I wouldn't know what was going to happen in the next five minutes let alone the next five days. Both styles of travel I love, and both styles of travel suit me but I could only ever find travel blogs that focused on one style or the other. From skydiving and bunking up in a dorm room, to snoozing on the beach in a luxurious cabana, I decided that there must be some people who are the same. With just a little encouragement from a fellow travel blogging friend who told me that my writing wasn't too awful, I realised it was time to share some of my tales with the world. At the time, I thought it would only be my G'ma who would read it but now just a few other strangers from around the globe seem to enjoy it too! 


2. Of all of the countries and places you have visited so far, which has been your favourite and why?

I used to ask my mum which of her children were her favourite, me or my sister. Being a mum, she was always tactful and said, 'I love you both the same'. As I child, I never understood that but now I've seen some of the world I completely feel the same about some of the destinations I've visited. Every single place and country holds a little piece of my heart now, each one giving me a beautiful memory of story to share.

BUT - this doesn't really answer the question so I would have to narrow it down to 3 for you and I love them all for the same reason; India, New Zealand & Fiji. I've seen a lot of places on earth now, but I've felt the biggest connection to each of these places due to how relaxed they are. No-one can resist the relaxed atmosphere of Fijian Island life once they've been, or the love of the outdoors that the Kiwi's in New Zealand seem to have - and those of us who have a slightly crazy side will adore the disorganised chaos and beauty of India with their respect of all living creatures. Each of these places make it very clear that they know there is more to life than a 9-5 lifestyle and this suits me perfectly! 


3. We noticed that you’ve just come back from Croatia. What was your highlight from this trip?

Croatia was such a beautiful country, as with all countries in that corner of the world! From wine tasting in the mountains outside Zagreb all the way to the clear blue water of every seaside, lake and river I saw - who couldn't love this place?! A highlight for me though was a seaside town called Sibenik that I stayed in for a few days. It was here I spent a lot of time walking the cobbled streets of old town, beach hopping along the coastline, kayaking out to islands offshore and swimming in the waters of Krka National Park. Croatia is one the top destinations to hit in 2015 / 2016 and I would seriously recommend it to anyone who wanted to spend some time relaxing from their every day life. 


4. Everyone has one special place on their bucket list that they’d love to go to. Where’s yours and why?

People always laugh at me when I say this, but my number on destination on my bucket list is Antarctica. Once I make it here I will have visited every continent in the world, and that couldn't be more awesome to someone with as much wanderlust as me! I have a deep respect and love for the natural world, and being able to see some of the wildlife here in their natural habitat for me would be the utmost privileged.  From the whales & orcas to leopard seals and penguins I don't think there is anything I could see here that wouldn't make me jump up and down for joy. Even the ice would probably get me singing and dancing in excitement. During my time on earth I've been lucky enough to gain some up close and personal time with sharks, crocodiles, tigers and komodo dragons through conservation projects, so to be able to see such beautiful antarctic animals here would be a dream come true.

My ultimate goal is to reach here by 25, but unfortunately it's not a cheap destination to get to so I'm currently collecting my tuppence in a piggy bank with the hope to make it there soon!


5. We love your hotel reviews! In your opinion, what is the most important thing you look for when booking holiday accommodation?

For me, I like to see a good review from someone who seems to have a similar travel style as me. I rate a place on cleanliness, noise levels and friendliness of staff. I will happily forgo a central location in exchange for a slightly nicer place with a little walk, as it will always mean I get my own little vista away from the crowds. Villas really suit me in this way, I love to have a little oasis in but still be close enough to walk to the beach or town and I find that they provide the best locations. Of course, price can come into play here but I would happily spend a little more for a little comfort or style!


6. How would you describe your perfect Clickstay holiday?

Any small villa hidden away from the world where I can work is always a dream. I love to explore the world, but each us seasoned travellers need a vacation from our adventures sometimes and booking via Clickstay I know that I find a charming and peaceful place for me to relax in. As usual, though, it would need to be somewhere I haven't been before so this time I would be looking towards villas in Montenegro

Thanks, Millie! 

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