Greece's Secret Beaches You Just Have To Visit

Updated 22 April 2021 | by Alex Georgiades

Secret beaches in Greece


The Greek islands immediately conjour up visions of paradise beaches, gorgeous hillside cities and beautiful ancient culture and architecture. Whilst their lands are beset by a wealth of natural beauty and glamour, their beaches are what will leave you desperate to visit time and time again. Can you resist the glittering shores of Greece's islands? 


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Petani Beach, Kefalonia

Adored by locals, Petani beach is a real gem, offering gorgeous cerulean ocean and clean white sand, with a captivating backdrop.

Petani beach in Kefalonia


Egremni Beach, Lefkada

Located in the southwest of Lefkada, Egremni offers gorgeous chalky cliffs and bright blue water ideal for snorkelling - this really is one of Greece's best!

Egremni beach in Lefkada


Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos

Considered to be one of Greece's best-kept secrets, it's certainly a breathtaking escape from the crowds. Enjoy a gorgeous stretch of white sand and inviting turquoise waters at this treasure.

Voutoumi Beach in Antipaxos


Sarakiniko Beach, Mylos

Gaze offer stunning sun-bleached rocks and eroded cliffscapes that stretch over the sea at one of Greece's most captivating beaches.

Sarakiniko Beach in Mylos


Seychelles Beach, Ikaria

Piercing blue water and a dazzling white cliffside make Seychelles incredible picturesque - a perfect spot to get away from the crowds.

Seychelles Beach in Ikaria

Balos Lagoon, Crete

This wonderful lagoon offers tangled stretches of soft sand connecting the mainland to Crete's tiny neighbouring island, with so much beautiful ocean to enjoy in between.

Balos Lagoon in Crete




It is near impossible to resist these inviting shores - so stop trying. Explore some of our wonderful villas in Greece now...

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