12 Deals Of Christmas

Updated 28 March 2019 | by Lara McComish


To help you get in the festive spirit, we present to you our 12 deals of Christmas. These offers should see you through 2019! 

12 Deals Of Christmas

1. Apartment in Barbados

Vlla 227201

If you're not ready to go back to work in January, just got to Barbados instead. We know just the apartment for two you can stay in...

Booking dates: 21st January - 28th January 2019

Booking cost: £564.70

Discount: -£23.17

Total: £541.54

2. Apartment in Prague

Treat your lover to a city break in ultra-romantic Prague. This luxury apartment makes a great base for exploring and it boasts a gorgeous view of The Vltava. 

Booking dates: 13th February - 16th February 2019

Booking cost:£624.30

Early booking discount: -£60.00

Total: £564.30

3. Apartment in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the warmest Canary Islands in March. Embrace the summer-like temperatures with a stay in this apartment in lively Playa del Ingles

Booking dates: 18th March - 25th March 2019

Booking cost: £771.04

Long stay discount: -£69.57

Total: £701.48

4. Villa in Spain 

Celebrate Easter in this 2-bed villa in the Costa Blanca. That private pool was meant to splash about in... 

Booking dates: 13th April - 22nd April 2019

Booking cost: £693.20

Early booking discount: -£63.64

Total: £629.56

5. Villa in Orlando 

The kids would love a trip to Florida for their May half term. This family villa sleeps 8 and is just a few minutes from Walt Disney World!

Booking dates: 25th May - 1st June 2019

Booking cost: £634.76

Long stay discount: -£24.84

Total: £609.92

6.  Villa in Murcia

This luxury villa has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool overlooking a golf course. What more could you want from a holiday in June? 

Booking dates: 11th June - 18th June 2019

Booking cost: £1,211.59

Early booking discount: -£116.44

Total: £1,095.15

7. Villa in Athens Beach

This beautiful cottage house has a 17-acre estate and a whopping great pool. No better place to enjoy the mainland's sizzling July temperatures...

Booking dates: 22nd July - 29th July 2019

Booking cost:£1,212.57

Early booking discount: -£162.62

Total: £1,049.95

8. Villa in Algarve 

Spend the height of summer in the glorious Algarve. This 6-bed boasts excellent reviews and a cheeky early booking discount. 

Booking dates: 19th August - 26th August 2019

Booking cost: £2,825.02

Early booking discount: -£25.00

Total: £2,800.02

9. Villa in Protaras

This popular villa in Protaras sits within a short walk to the resort centre and the glorious local beaches. 

Booking dates: 9th September - 16th September 2019

Booking cost: £1,099.85

Early booking discount: -£105.70

Total: £994.15

10. Villa in Tenerife 

This beach villa in Tenerife fits the bill for October half term 2019. It sleeps 6 across 3 bedrooms and it has got a top private pool. 

Booking dates: 19th October - 26th October 2019

Booking cost: £794.55

Special discount: -£62.00

Total: £732.55

11. Villa in Saint Kitts

A Carribean villa set in tropical gardens with an epic shared pool. We can't think of a better way to get you through that mid-November slump.

Booking dates: 11th November - 18th November 2019

Booking cost: £1,035.64

Early booking discount: -£95.70

Total: £939.94

12. Villa in Thailand

Imagine lounging by this pool in Pattaya next Christmas. You'll be pleased you read this post last Christmas with a mega saving like this... 

Booking dates: 20th December - 27th December 2019

Booking cost: £727.31

Early booking discount: -£69.90

Total: £657.41

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