Where Is Hot In June?

Updated 23 January 2020 | by Nakita Mason

Wondering where to head in June for some decent hot weather? Not to worry we’ve got lots of options for you along with the average high and low temperatures. Enjoy!

couple on beach

1. Tenerife

While not the scorching heat of July and August, June still offers a great deal of warmth for sun worshippers, not to mention enjoying an average high of 22°C for the sea temperatures too. Better still it’s less crowded than at peak times so it’s a win all round for holiday goers! Why not take a look at our villas in Tenerife and get that June sunshine booked. 

  • Highs: 25 °C
  • Lows: 18 °C

2. Costa Del Sol

An ever-popular destination, the Costa del Sol is a great place to visit in June for its reasonably warm weather and a comfortable sea temperature of 20°C. It’s rife with attractions and activities too meaning you and the kids will have plenty of ways to enjoy that sunshine.

  • Highs: 22°C
  • Lows: 17°C

3. Paphos

Paphos is particularly lovely during June, it’s still capable of seeing incredibly hot temperatures and the sea temperatures can get up to a whopping 24 °C too. We have plenty of holiday villas in Paphos too, just in case you were wondering...

  • Highs: 28°C
  • Lows: 18 °C

4. Sardinia

Although it can be relatively cool in Sardinia in June at 16°C, this can typically creep up to a sweltering 26°C! Sardinia is always a beautiful area of Italy to visit no matter when you go of course, but June is becoming a popular time to go and can even make for a cheaper trip too in some cases when it come to accommodation.

  • Highs: 26°C
  • Lows: 16°C

kids on beach with sandcastles

5. Orlando

Orlando has always been a much-loved holiday destination for families for clear reasons, the fantastic parks being just one, but the weather is also a big plus. It can get seriously hot here at  32°C so be sure to cover up and get that sun screen out! Check out our holiday villas in Orlando and prepare for some serious fun. 

  • Highs: 32°C
  • Lows:  22°C

6. Turkey

Turkey can be comfortably warm, or it can skyrocket to intense heat during June, which makes it a safe bet for those of you looking for some sun around this time of year. The sea too is impressive and reaches a temperature of 23°C, plus June sees the most sunshine hours (along with July) so it’s a truly great time of year to visit. Better still, you can get some excellent cheap villas in Turkey to enjoy!

  • Highs: 29°C
  • Lows: 17°C

7. Crete

Crete is fantastic in June and makes for an ideal holiday destination that avoids the peak travel times without compromising on good weather. It’s also a better time of year to visit if you don’t like your holidays too hot, with the real scorching days starting in July and continuing to late August. The sea temperature is also toasty at 20°C during June so you’ll have that to enjoy too!

  • Highs: 28°C
  • Lows: 18°C

feet on sand

8. Majorca

Even on a bad day the weather in Majorca in June only dips to a comfortable 19°C, so there’s certainly no cause for jumpers and scarfs! The sea temperature is also great, able to reach a splendid 21°C, so all in all, can’t complain.

  • Highs: 27°C
  • Lows: 19 °C

9. The Algarve

Although the Algarve can be on the cooler side in June, it’s also able to reach the tantalising highs of 28°C which is more than enough for a beachside holiday. The sea is also a nice temperature of 19°C meaning it’s ideal for swimming too, plus the usually hectic Algarve is slightly quieter. Why not take a look at our villas in the Algarve and start your adventure? 

  • Highs: 28°C
  • Lows: 17°C

We have holiday properties worldwide, why not take a look and see what you fancy.