Unsure what you can take in your hand luggage when flying? We can help there. 



Additional Information

Electrical Equipment  
PhoneYesDon't forget to turn on 'Flight Mode' once you're on the plane. 
Ipods/MP3s/Other Music Devices etcYes 
Electric RazorYes 
Heated Hair Styling ProductsYes 
Drinks including water, fizzy drinks etcYesPlease see below for specific liquid rules for hand luggage. 
Cosmetics including lipsticks, foundation, moisturiser and mascara, oils, perfume YesPlease see below for specific liquid rules for hand luggage. 
Toiletries including shower & hair gel, toothpaste deodrant, shaving foam, hair spray, contact lens solution YesPlease see below for specific liquid rules for hand luggage. 
Food including soup, marmite, jam, peanut butter,  YesPlease see below for specific liquid rules for hand luggage. 
Vaping liquids, E-cigarettes, Vape Pens, LightersYesPlease see below for specific liquid rules for hand luggage. Also bear in mind it's one lighter and one device per person.
Liquid medicine including cough syrups, heart burn medicine, pain relief etc  YesPlease note it is often stated that liquid medicines need to be deemed 'essential' to be allowed on board. Check with your airline before travel. 
Hypodermic syringesYes 
Medical items such as TENS machines, CPAP machines Yes 
Cooling Gel PacksYes 
Medical foodYes 
Oxygen Cylinders Potentially Contact your airline to be sure. 
Baby Related Items   
Milk including formula or cow's milkYes 
Breast MilkYesYou can take up to 2,000ml. 
Steralised Water Yes  
Baby Food Yes  
Soya Milk Yes  
Sport Equipment   
Golf ClubsNo 
Tennis racquetsYes 
Snooker, Pool or Billiard CueYes 
Walking/Hiking PolesNo 
Diving EquipmentPotentially Contact your airline to be sure. 
Bats including Cricket Bats, Softball Bats No 
Other Personal Items   
Disposable Razor where the blades are fixed-cartridge Yes 
Knitting Needles Yes 
Umbrella Yes 
Walking Cane Yes 
Pushchair Yes 
Wheelchair Yes 
Nail Clippers including Nail Files Yes 
Travel IronYes 

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When it comes to liquids, please note that you can only take each liquid in a volume of no more than 100ml carried in their own individual containers. You cannot put 100ml in a larger vessel unfortunately so do be sure to choose travel-sized containers and bottles. It’s also worth noting you can only carry a total liquid volume of one litre with you. Additionally, all liquids must be placed in a clear plastic bag of 20cm X 20cm, though this can be dependant on your airline so do be sure to check! It’s also necessary that the bag is able to be sealed and closed and that you only have one per person. 


When preparing for a holiday, it’s always advisable to plan as much as possible, from finding out what hand luggage allowance each airline provides you, to making sure your bags are packed as efficiently as possible, so if you're in any doubt, do be sure to contact your airline. 

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Please make sure to check with your airline as all information provided is subject to change.