Top 6 Holiday Destinations For Winter Sun

Updated 28 October 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
Top 6 Holiday Destinations For Winter Sun

Whilst a vast majority welcome snowy days and Christmas tree's with open arms, there are many who endlessly crave the feeling of waking up to a crisp blue sky, sliding your toes under warm sand and diving head-first into gorgeous ocean water. Thankfully, there are plenty of dazzling destinations just perfect for that annual dose of winter sun, along with some fabulous properties to call your home away from home - and some are not as far as you'd think. Here are our favourite destinations for winter sun this year...


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1. Cyprus

Full of life and bursting with brilliant culture, Cyprus' warm island climate is a fantastic getaway for all seeking sunshine this winter.

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Kyrenia in Cyprus


2. Mauritius

This wonderful paradise is a perfect getaway in the winter, with an average of 25° in December, with some of the most dazzling blue beaches in the world.

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Beach in Mauritius


3. The Canary Islands

With temperatures averaging in the low-mid 20s across the year, expect no shortage of warm rays and sun-kissed shores, from Tenerife to Lanzarote.

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Beach in Tenerife


4. Bali

Hot all year-round, Bali is full of lush greenery and natural beauty. Enjoy refreshing spa's, brilliant beaches and a coastal atmosphere that you can't help but be charmed by.

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CLiffside in Bali


5. The Greek Islands

Bursting with rich history and culture, these wonderful islands stay warm over the winter season, offering the perfect conditions to explore their colourful towns and dramatic natural landscapes.

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The Dodecanese in Greece


6. The Thai Islands

A fantasy for all in search of tropical paradise, these islands really are as good as they look in the brochures. Bright blue oceans and dramatic green mountain-sides await...

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Islands in Tenerife


If you're desperate to escape the cold, trade snow for sun this winter! See our villas worldwide...


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