Interview: Super Busy Mum Visits Ayia Napa

Updated 28 March 2019 | by Lara McComish
Villa Nishita in Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Image kindly provided by Super Busy Mum

We whisked the lovely Deborah from Super Busy Mum off to review this lovely villa in Cyprus. After a week of non-stop fun in the sun, we quizzed her about what it's like to stay in a villas in Cyprus and everything you must do in Ayia Napa

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How easy is it to get from the airport to the house?

Getting from the airport to the villa was really easy. We didn’t drive during our time in Cyprus so we hired a transfer to pick us up. The drive took around half an hour and cost us €70.

How close was the property to shops/restaurants?

The closest shop to the villa is a garage on the bottom of Kataspilion. It has everything you’ll need, including water barrels for the water dispenser. For restaurants and more shops, it is about a 15 - 20 minute walk.

How easy was it to get into Ayia Napa from the house?

 Getting into Ayia Napa from the villa was easy. It is around 1 mile from Nissi Avenue, which works out a 15-minute walk or so.

How did you get around Ayia Napa?

We did a lot of walking to get around Ayia Napa, there are so many gorgeous sights to see, I guess we didn’t want to miss anything. However, if our legs got too tired, we did use the very frequent and easy to order, Limosine Taxis. On one day, we did use the bus service, which was really cheap, but took forever to get where we needed to go. Which was only a few miles away.

Did you eat out all the time or did you cook in the villa?

We did eat out a lot during our stay in Villa Nishita. We cooked the odd lunch while there, but I think it’s normal to eat out a lot when you’re on holiday. However, it was lovely to have that option to cook, if we felt up to it, where we were staying too.

Which local beach was your favourite?

Sandy Bay Beach was our favourite. Between the three beaches we visited {Pernera, Sandy Bay & Nissi} each one was stunning in their own right. Also, each one had their own vibe too. Pernera was quite stony to walk on, but a gorgeous stretch of beach. Sandy Bay was a little quieter, much more family-friendly and it had the most stunning cove. Nissi Beach was where the party was at. With music playing and young people {whether drinking out of coconuts or taking selfies}. But for us? Hands down, Sandy Bay Beach was our favourite.

How close was the beach to the villa?

It depends if you go left or right at the bottom of Kataspilion. If you go left the walk is a little longer, but the first beach you’ll come to will be Pernera. If you go right, then you could have sandy between your toes, from Nissi Beach, within 15 - 20 minutes.

If you were to choose one thing for someone to do in this part of Cyprus, what would you recommend?

Just one thing? That’s tough! Ayia Napa has SO MANY cool and amazing things on offer. However, it would have to be the Santa Napa Day Cruise. The girls and I had such an amazing time on board and we got to see {and swim} in some amazing places with the bluest water we have ever seen. A definite must if you’re in Ayia Napa. However, if you ever hop over to Protaras, you must get yourself booked in to do some Sea Walking with the UnderSea Adventures team. An experience that you will not forget.

Villa Nishita in Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Image kindly provided by Super Busy Mum

What was your favourite thing about the house?

This is going to sound really dorky, but I loved how there were UK mains throughout the villa. I was expecting to have to use the single adapter that I brought with me. This small and effective touch just made the villa feel like more of a home away from home. Another part of the villa I loved, was how each bedroom had its own ensuite bathroom. Such a great feature! 

Who would you recommend the house to? Ie families, couples etc

I would recommend Villa Nishita to families and groups of friends. I think the villa is too big for just one couple to stay in. It can sleep up to 8 people, so there is plenty of room for a group to stay and enjoy the villa, together. The same with families; bring the grandparents along, your sister-in-law, nieces, nephews. It’s a villa to be enjoyed by everyone and the villa is spacious enough.

Which Clickstay property would you love to stay in next?

There is a STUNNING villa in Tenerife. But to be fair, I have that big of a love of travel and so much of the world left to see, I’d be happy anywhere!

Anything else to add?

I’d just like to give Clickstay another big thank you for the trip of a lifetime. I honestly, had the best time, saw so much, got to do some amazing things and most of all, got to stay in a gorgeous villa.

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