Things To Do In Ayia Napa

Updated 20 January 2022 | by Nakita Mason

Looking for fun in Ayia Napa? It's not hard to find!

1 Visit the quirky sculpture park

sculpture park Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa sculpture park is one of the most unusual and worthwhile things to visit in Cyprus. Found in Kavo Greko, the rugged landscape hugged by the blue shoreline has become a living exhibition, filled with some of the most incredible sculptures from around the world. Free to enter and endlessly fascinating to weave in between, the Ayai Napa sculpture park is a must-visit, showing the works of artists such as Mischa Pertsev, Lorena Olivares and Antonella Tiozzo.

2 Spend a day at one of the many beautiful beaches

beaches of Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa’s beaches are among some of the best in Cyprus and it would be a crime to go to such a beautiful location and not take in the crystal blue waters or warm sand underfoot. The most well-known of course would be the lovely Nissia Beach, famed for its inherent beauty and lively atmosphere, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Ayia Napa can offer.

For a quieter beach experience then Ayia Thekla Beach is ideal, slightly rustic with its rocky formations and gentle waves, whereas Vathia Gonia Beach is perfect for those of you that enjoy water-based activities. Its also got plenty of eateries close by as well as areas to relax, making it perfect for a family day out!

3 Dive and discover with Ocean View Diving

diving in Ayia Napa

It’s impossible to ignore the other world available to you when you visit Cyprus and especially when you’re in Ayia Napa.  By other world, we of course mean the big blue, filled with all manner of mysterious creature and intriguing flora. Whether you’re a water baby or have yet to find your fins, Ocean View Diving will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, all the while keeping you safe and secure and providing you with all the support you need. From beautiful fish, ray and perhaps even a turtle or two, a trip to Ayia Napa isn’t complete without a day diving!

4 Visit the stunning Cape Greco and explore

Cape Greco, Ayia Napa

There’s fewer places in Ayia Napa so gorgeous as Cape Greco viewpoint, and a day out ambling along the rocky paths and admiring the views is a day well spent! Be sure to take water for the hot weather as well as a camera, because without a doubt you’re going to get more than a little snap happy at this location!

If you do take a stroll, then be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take care as it can be steep in places! The alternative is a safari jeep tour which is also great fun, and it’s also advised to pop into the visitor's centre too which is close by and full of interesting information for the terminally curious among you.

5 Spend a night out in Paddy’s Bar

Paddy's bar in Ayia Napa

There’s something about Irish pubs and Paddy’s is no different! It’s got a wonderful atmosphere that practically hits you as you walk in, and from the first sip of Guinness you’ll feel right at home! With a wide selection of beer and cocktails, not to mention excellent live music, Paddy’s Bar has been keeping tourists happy now for many years and is certainly somewhere to plant yourself for an evening.


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