Interview: Annie from 'Mind Body Bowl' Talks Health and Travel

Updated 14 March 2019 | by Felicity Brown
Annie from Mind Body Bowl
Instagram: @mind_body_bowl


Annie Clarke - founder of food and health blog, Mind Body Bowl - is mainly known for her tasty recipes and cool Instagram photographs of bowls full of colourful Superfoods. But she also loves to travel and has been to some amazing destinations around the world. Annie is currently living the yogi dream in Goa but she has kindly taken the time to answer our questions about her holiday habits and how she keeps healthy whilst travelling...


Hi Annie, where was your best holiday to date?

It is so hard to pick just one! I went to Iceland about 7 years ago and it was absolutely stunning. It was the first time I really appreciated how beautiful nature was and I just couldn’t believe somewhere like that existed. Barcelona is a really cool city, and I travelled around Columbia for a month last summer which I loved. I also have family in Harbour Island, Bahamas – so a trip there is always amazing for me.


Wow, you've been all over! Where was the last place you went on holiday?

I am actually currently in India, part holidaying and part studying to be a yoga teacher. It’s very basic and simple here but totally beautiful and peaceful (although I’ve been told that is because it is before the season has really started here).


Mind Body Bowl by Annie Clarke
Instagram: @mind_body_bowl


We hope you're having an amazing time and learning lots! Where are you planning to go next?

I’m going to Berlin at the end of November, just as the Christmas markets are opening. It will be such a contrast to India but I can’t wait to explore the city – I’ve heard it is great for healthy food.


What would be your ultimate dream trip?

I would love to go to Mexico, I have heard amazing things from so many people. My mum is actually going next week so I can’t wait to hear about it from her. Croatia is also at the top of my list too. There are lots of city breaks I would love to do too though as I do love exploring.


We know that you like to keep as healthy and happy as possible - how do you do this when you’re on holiday? Do you keep to a certain routine?

When I go away I try to get some balance and give my body a bit of a break but I generally keep active to some degree – depending on the climate I might go for a run, or take my yoga mat so I can stretch out, especially after a long flight. I had about 48 hours in Stockholm earlier this year on a work trip and went for a beautiful long run, which was such a great way to see the city, as well as keep up with my normal routine.


What would you say are the best destinations for fitness fanatics?

I think you can make most places suitable really. When I go away I try to get some balance and give my body a break and lots of hotels have gyms. I try to scope out yoga classes and so many places offer them now so it really depends what you are in to. Rather than a specifically active holiday, I like to add activity to my holiday which means you can make it work in most places. I guess food is the hardest part for me. I’m hoping Berlin has lots to offer!


What’s always packed in your suitcase?

My camera, and some healthy snacks just in case!


And finally, what’s your favourite Clickstay property?

It’s impossible to choose – they all look so beautiful!



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