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  • Top 9 Destinations for an Incredible New Year's Eve

    Updated 15 March 2019 | by Felicity Brown

    New Year’s Eve is supposed to be one of the best nights of the year. However, more often than not, it can end up disappointing. Club nights cost a small fortune, the local pubs decide to charge for entry, there are queues for days… sometimes its best just to stay at home and watch Jools Holland on the telly. Maybe the best way to celebrate the New Year is with new experiences in a new destination. So we’ve chosen our top destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

  • Interview: Nutritionista Natalie Glaze Talks About Food, Travel and Yoga

    Updated 15 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades

    In her fantastic blog the Nutritionista, Natalie Glaze combines her passion for travel, health, and her love for great breakfasts. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous holiday retreats, mouth-watering food, and her favourite health products. Here, in her interview with Clickstay, she spills on her top holiday destinations, food spots and her travel bucket list…

  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your World Heritage Sites?

    Updated 15 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
    World Heritage Sites Quiz

    In 1972, an international treaty was signed to identify and preserve some of the world's most important cultural and natural sites. With over 980 World Heritage Sites dotted all over the world, you may be surprised at how many you've already come across in your travels, from ancient monuments to natural locations. So, we thought it was about time we put your knowledge to the test... 

  • Quiz: Guess The Movie Location

    Updated 15 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades

    With the Oscars fast approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to put your film knowledge to the test. This year, we have seen a plethora of awe-inspiring movie locations. For example, films such Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed in the outback of Australia whereas in The Revenant we saw some of the spectacular mountains of snowy Canada. Both of these awesome films are nominees for Best Picture. See how well you fare in our new movie location quiz!

  • Interview: Annie from 'Mind Body Bowl' Talks Health and Travel

    Updated 14 March 2019 | by Felicity Brown
    Annie from Mind Body Bowl

    Annie Clarke from food and health blog, Mind Body Bowl, is mainly known for her tasty recipes and stunning Instagram photographs of bowls full of colourful super-foods, but she also loves to travel and has been to some amazing destinations around the world. Annie is currently living the yogi dream in Goa but she has kindly taken the time to answer our questions about her holiday habits and how she keeps healthy whilst travelling...

  • Where's HOT This Easter!

    Updated 14 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
    Where you should spend your Easter break

    As we spend our days wrapped up in our warmest clothes and our nights keeping warm by the fireplace, we're all dreaming of our perfect summer destination, but why wait! With spring blooming early in April, the Easter break presents a fantastic time to escape to warmer climates. Here are some of the best destinations to discover during the Easter break...

  • 8 Best Places For Surfing Holidays

    Updated 14 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades
    Bali Beach, Indonesia

    From Australia to the southern coasts of England, where there is a wave, there will be surfers. If you're looking for somewhere with consistent waves, brilliant sunshine, great town life and that infectious surf culture we all love, then you've come to the right place. Family surf holidays are perfect for summer getaways, so here are eight of our favourite surf spots from all over the world...

  • Clickstay on Tour: Alex's Interrailing Highlights

    Updated 13 March 2019 | by Emily Benton

    Next up in our Clickstay Tour, Alex gives us his highlights from a three-week Interrailing trip! He tells us why we shouldn't under-estimate Europe...

  • The Top Eight Destinations For History Lovers

    Updated 13 March 2019 | by Alex Georgiades

    For many, the opportunity to unravel the bottomless histories of a particular place can serve as the greatest inspiration to visit. With so many culturally fascinating and rewarding destinations to explore, we decided to collate a list of our absolute favourites. Here are our top eight holiday destinations for history lovers....

  • Best Clickstay Reviews March 2019

    Updated 12 March 2019 | by Nakita Mason

    A collection of great Clickstay reviews from March 2019