15 Best Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

Updated 1 November 2019 | by Nakita Mason

Looking for the perfect gift for the wanderer among you? Need something to bestow as a birthday or Christmas present for your constantly travelling companion?

Fear not. So long as you can keep them in one place for five minutes, we can help with the gifts.

1 A Quirky Passport Holder

Guinea pig passport holder

These are perfect for a holiday-mad loved one. Not only can you find countless designs and styles (not to mention personalised ones), but you’ll also be sure to bring a smile to their face and a memory of you each time they pull it from their bag! Personally, we think this Guinea Pig print passport holder from Zazzle is ideal, regardless of your friends thoughts and feelings on the ole G-pigs as a species.

2 Some Snazzy Shampoo Bars

Three shampoo bars in bright colours

Bottles leak like it’s their job, and we’ve all been on the receiving end of a shampoo explosion at one time or another and agreed that it's not a great start to things.  Certainly it puts a dampener on the holiday when your Head and Shoulders has seen fit to destroy your 3 novels and has also made nice lake at the bottom of the case right where your underwear lives. Save your nearest and dearest the hassle and get them a shampoo bar, not only are they greener, but they don’t leak, smell fab, last longer and you can get handy travel tins for them too! 

3 A Portable Luggage Scale (And Torch Of Course)

Portable travelling scale and torch

This is a brilliant gadget and a wonderful stocking filler. This little portable digital luggage scale doesn’t only help you keep track of how much you’re dragging around, it’s also got a neat little torch inbuilt too! Random? Yes, but think of how often you’ve yearned for a torch only to find that, alas, there’s none to be found. Anyway this nifty gadget is brought to you by Cabin Max

A Nifty Travel Pillow For Sensational Snoozing

Travelling pillow

If there’s one thing an ardent traveller will tell you, it’s that trying to sleep while shoved into a car next to the dog or wedged into a plane seat is next to impossible.  It’s an endless military operation of getting your head balanced just right, while something sharp doubtlessly jabs into your ribs or you face-plant the window for the eleventh time in an hour. Well, no more, not with a trusty, adjustable travel pillow! Small, comfy and made to fit each person specifically, the best one in our books would be the fantastic Trtl Pillow Plus.

5 A Brilliant Scratch Map

a scratch away map

These are fantastic for people to stick on their wall at home and scratch away a gold foil layer to reveal the areas they’ve visited. Not only is it a wonderful visual record of all their adventures, it also makes for some really beautiful and meaningful wall art. Go on, give em a gift with some heart with this Scratch Map from Not On The High Street

6 A ‘Thank God I’ve Got One’ Universal Travel Adapter

A universal adapter for travelling

These are lifesavers. Truly, how often have you bought what you considered to be the ‘correct’ travel adapter for your destination, only to find that you’re faced with sockets that have hieroglyphic-shaped holes, none of which your shiny new plug seems able to handle. Well, no more, not with a universal travel adapter that actually does what it says on the tin!

7 A Holiday Read For The Ultimate Escape

A book gift card

A holiday read is a traveller’s must-have, and as any avid reader will tell you, when you buy someone a book, you’re actually passing them a whole world and inviting them to go adventuring in it. Which, for the average price of around £7.99, is fairly spectacular! Why not let them choose which world they’d most like to get lost in and give them a gift card? Foyles are a particularly great for bagging a good book so why not grab a gift card and prepare to be adored by your travelling bookworm?

8 Packing Folders For Stress-Free Packing

A packing folder for travelling

Packing is a nightmare. Because, as any seasoned traveller will whinge to you, not only do you have the task of deciding what to take, but also which clothes can manage the arduous journey without coming out looking like they’ve been to war and seen too much. Yes, we’re talking about creases, the dreaded creases that your Nan warned would see you shunted from society. Well, no more, because with these nifty packing folders, you’ll be wrinkle-free and organised in no time. Go on, make their day. Try this fantastic one from Gonex.

9 A Great Globe Drinks Cabinet 

Globe drinks cabinet

Well, this one kills two birds with one stone. If they’re a traveller of any kind and don’t mind a cheeky tipple, then a globe drinks cabinet is sure to be a hit! Elegant, novel and a great conversational piece, not to mention a nod to their globetrotting nature, this is a gift you’re going to get a LOT of brownie points for! This beautiful trolley version from HomeDone is particularly lovely.

10 A Portable Power Pack To Keep Things Ticking Over

Portable power pack in Blue

Truly, there’s nothing so irritating as your phone or tablet dying on you halfway to your destination and no one knows this more than the ardent traveller. So, why not make sure they’ve always got a lifeline with a powerpack? This one from Anker is hailed as one of the best.

11 A Beautifully Organised Travel Wallet

travel wallet

Pretty isn’t it? This one’s from Typo, and let me tell you, it has saved many a traveller losing their mind. Gone will be the days of panicking about where the boarding passes are or which pocket the passport ended up being shoved into, with a travel wallet, it’s all in one secure place. For £20 they get a lifetime of reduced anxiety and you get the new improved status of best friend ever. Bargain!

12 A Foldable Travel Tote For Totally Perfect Travelling

a travel bag that's foldable

Anyone with an ounce of travelling experience knows that a bag can make or break your trip. The Arxus lightweight and waterproof bag then is a real find, not only can it fold up really small to save space, but it also works as carry on luggage too, and means if your holiday-loving chum buys one too many souvenirs on holiday, then no worries, this brilliant bag has got them covered. Not only that, it slides securely onto your main luggage handles and also makes for a great beach bag too!

13 Travel Towels For A Practical Treat

travel towels

Honestly, as a world of tourists will tell you, travelling and towels can be a nightmare, they’re big, they stay soaked for days and you start to resort to air drying which is all well and good until it gets to 10pm and your family are desperate for you to get your act together so you can all go out for dinner. Why not treat your friends and family to the king of towels then and save them from this fate? Fast-drying, lightweight, sand-resistant and beautiful to look at, this set of travel towels from Dock & Bay are perfect for the travellers in your circle.

14 A Cable Winder For Travelling In Organized Style

travel cable organiser

This is a great stocking filler. Headphones are a traveller’s staple, vital for listening to your travelling playlist (which includes ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) ), ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and sometimes if you’re unlucky, ‘Road To Hell’) but boy oh boy do they so love to get tangled with everything.  Well, no more with these nifty little cable organisers in a cheerful range of colours.  

15 A Travel Journal For Holiday Highlights!

travel journal open

There’s few things so glorious as discovering one of your old travel journals and remembering the time you and your friends did that thing you swore to never mention in front of your parents…we’ve all been there. The point is those who like to travel also like to savour every moment if it and with this amazing travel journal from Paperchase, it’s easier than ever and of course, makes for a great gift.