Rent villas and apartments in Santanyi

Holiday in Santanyi, south Majorca, to escape the crowds and enjoy the island's unspoilt beauty

Find holiday rentals in Santanyi for a charming getaway

Santanyi is a quiet, unspoilt town on the southern tip of Majorca away from the busy parts of the rest of the island. It has been spared a lot of the development and commercialisation that has taken place and, as a result, is often overlooked by the larger tour operators. If you’re planning to rent a villa or apartment in Santanyi you should rent a car to get the most from the local area.

The area’s main holiday attractions, aside from the peace and quiet, are the wonderful beaches and nearby golf courses. It’s also good for cycling as the area is relatively flat and the roads are well looked after. If you’re looking for nearby resorts to explore consider Cala FigueraCala Santanyi and Cala d’Or.