12 Reasons Why Mallorca Is Still The Most Popular Holiday Destination

Updated 3 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades
Reasons Why Mallorca Is Still The Most Popular Holiday Destination

For many years now Mallorca has topped Europe’s summer holiday charts. The largest of the Balearics offers sandy miles of aquamarine coastline, breath-taking nature, landscapes to arouse adventure, and golden beaches to soothe the soul. Even after over fifty years of mass tourism, Mallorca still holds the throne over the summer season, blessing its people with treasures of all kinds. Here are 11 reasons why you should definitely visit this beautiful Spanish island.



1. Beautiful from January to December

Mallorca is stunning all year round and for the vast majority of the year enjoys great weather. The island's temperature averages around 10 degrees over the winter season, with the almonds blossoming in February. It doesn't take long before it rises back into its 20s for the majority of the year!

sun in mallorca beach with boats
The gorgeous water in Mallorca.


2. Golden sand, sapphire seas

You may have guessed that Mallorca's beaches are one of the biggest draws for tourists, but did you know that it has a whopping 200 beaches all over the island, with 60 main resorts to choose from?

White sand beach in Mallorca.
Beautiful white sand beach in Mallorca.


3. The city is full of life

Palma De Mallorca, situated on the south coast, plays host to half of the island's population – stylish, sophisticated, intimate, and bursting with life. Many have compared it to Barcelona for its architecture and atmosphere, with restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Palma de Mallorca castle
A stunning view of Palma de Mallorca.


4. Paradise for nature lovers

Even if you adore the buzz of city life, it might not be long before your feet get itchy for some adventure. In that case, we would recommend visiting Serra de Tramuntana. The World Heritage Site is a cultural landscape, with breath-taking views and beautiful scenery, perfect for hiking and cycling. Great to explore by car, bike or on foot.

Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca
www.novamallorca.com - An incredible view of the rigid mountainside in Serra de Tramuntana.


5. Are we there yet?

If you want the best of both worlds, amazingly, the island is only 120km long, which means you can enjoy the beaches and the mountains on the same day!

driving through sun set
Driving from dusk till dawn through the country.


6. A great escape

You can take a train to Soller, one of the island's oldest towns dating back to 1912. This beautiful port surrounded by nature is absolutely perfect for cycling and hiking, but even just to appreciate the well-preserved beaches and marina, with restaurants, and shops, surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Felicity, our marketing executive, wrote about her visit to this beautiful town on our Travel Series blog, describing it as 'authentic Spain.'  You should read her fantastic first-hand account of visiting Soller and Port de Soller.

old train to Port Soller in Majorca
Taking the old tram from Soller to Port Soller is definitely a highlight.


7. Art and culture

For many, Mallorca is considered to have a bohemian vibe, attracting creatives and artists from all over the world, such as author DH Lawrence, Spanish painter Joan Miró and French author Anaïs Nin. Whether you are an artist or not, expect to be inspired by the island's celebration of nature.

bohemian art work in Mallorca
www.commons.wiki.org - An incredible artwork of Mallorca.


8. The taste of Spain

The island has a celebrated culinary experience, with restaurants dotted all over the city. There is even a place in Deià called Sa Foradada which is only accessible by boat or mountain hike, where the old Mallorcan chefs cook fresh seafood on open fires. If you catch a late lunch you can sail back to shore during a gorgeous sunset.

Paella Traditional Spanish Food Majorca
Mouth-watering paella made with Spanish saffron rice and fresh seafood.


9. Experience the Deep Blue

With all of Mallorca's beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the best of the Meditteranean sea with a huge variety of sailing, snorkelling and diving expeditions to consider. With many holiday goers deeming it an 'unforgettable experience' we would definitely recommend spending a day sailing and snorkelling around the coves and caves of the island, and delving into the incredible blue water.

Mallorca diving snorkelling
Snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea.


10. Memories to be made

A huge number of newlyweds flock to the island every year to enjoy the romantic setting. You are sure to get some incredible photos that will guarantee your stay is one you won't forget anytime soon.

Romantic couple honeymoon in Majorca
Mallorca is one of the most romantic destinations in Spain.

11. A secret paradise

17 km off the southern tip of Mallorca is an archipelago that is part of a marine national park, uninhabited and relatively untouched, with Cabrera being the largest Isla out of the collection. As a result of their seclusion, the wildlife and nature of these islands has flourished, providing it with a brilliant marine ecosystem, among other natural splendours. From Mallorca, you can organise a boat trip to visit these islands, allowing you to swim in the gorgeous blue. Through organised boat trips, you can swim in the deep blue caves, hike one of the endless routes available. For divers and snorkellers especially, these islands are full of adventure and incentive to explore.

meditteranean sea
50 shades of blue in Mallorca's islands.

12. You tell us... what do you love about Mallorca?


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